Team Liquid Win DreamHack Masters Dallas To Take Number 1 Spot From Astralis

Team Liquid Win DreamHack Masters Dallas To Take Number 1 Spot From Astralis
Source: Team Liquid Twitter

The first DreamHack Masters event in 2019 has finished with Team Liquid beating ENCE in the Grand Final. Not only did Team Liquid win DreamHack Masters Dallas, but they took the number 1 spot from Astralis. Hence, Astralis’ 406 days streak at number one is over.

FURIA upset Team Vitality

In Quarter-finals of DreamHack Masters Dallas, we saw one big surprise. The first Quarter-final meeting was between Team Vitality and FURIA Esports. According to recent results, Team Vitality was the favorite for winning that duel. However, things didn’t go as expected for the French squad. On the contrary, FURIA bested Vitality in pretty convincing fashion.

The match kicked off on FURIA’s pick, Inferno. Although it’s a map where Vitality feels comfortable, they lost the first half convincingly with score 10-5. Vitality won the second pistol round, but FURIA responded immediately in the following round to not allow Vitality to come back to the game. Eventually, FURIA closed the first map with ending result 16-8.

Teams then moved on to Nuke. Although it was Vitality’s pick, they quickly regretted picking that map against Brazilians. Vitality kicked off on T side (which often can be suicidal on Nuke), and FURIA furiously achieved a huge lead. After the side switch, the scoreline was 12-3. Moreover, FURIA managed to clinch the second pistol round and the following round to set the score on 14-3.

It was a point of no return for Team Vitality and the comeback was just unreal. Of course, they kept fighting just to prolong a match a little bit by winning five rounds in a row. But, FURIA easily ended the game with an identical score (16-8), to move on to Semi-final where they were going to face Team Liquid.

FaZe knocked out G2 after third Overtime

Although FaZe was an unquestionable favorite in the duel against G2, they had to fight their way through as G2 didn’t give them anything for free. The first leg took place on G2’s pick, Inferno. However, the French squad didn’t show a good game on T side. They clinched only five rounds in the first half, which turned out to be insufficient. Additionally, after side switch, FaZe started off in the best possible way. They secured the second pistol round, as well as the following four rounds to earn map points.

G2 postponed FaZe’s celebration for just three rounds, but in the end, FaZe secured the first map (16-8).

The second leg contained much more dramatic and exciting game. It took place on Dust 2, the map where FaZe had some notable success in the past few months. Hence, everyone expected from them to finish the match as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, G2 performed much better than expected. They managed to win the first half on T side (8-7), but FaZe bounced back in the second half with the same score to take the game to Overtime.

However, the first Overtime wasn’t enough to decide the winner, so the game went into second and then into third Overtime. There, GuardiaN and new FaZe’s member, NEO, had some important and stunning plays to help their team to prevail. As a result, FaZe concluded the match in a victorious way clinching their map pick with score 25-23 to book meeting with ENCE in Semi-final.


Easy job for Team Liquid

Team Liquid had a relatively easy job against FURIA Esports in the first Semi-final match. The first leg kicked off on Nuke, the map picked by FURIA. However, Brazilians had a hard time one T side, even though they started off in a great manner taking the first four rounds. Regardless, Team Liquid managed to establish its economy and gain momentum. They were riding on that momentum until the end of the first half which they won by score 10-5.

In the second pistol round, Team Liquid successfully put bomb down to earn some additional money, but FURIA defused it on time. Later on, arT and co. won three out of following four rounds to get close to Liquid. Nevertheless, all FURIA’s efforts were in vain given that Team Liquid managed to put the game to bed with score 16-13.

The second map was Overpass, perhaps the best Liquid’s map recently. They backed up this statement already in the first half when they allowed FURIA to clinch only one round. Their domination in the first half gains more weight when we say they were playing on the T side which is much less favorable on Overpass. FURIA clinched another three rounds in the second half to avoid the completely disastrous loss, but anyway, the match ended with a one-sided score (16-4) in Liquid’s favor.

EliGE had a very good match as he ended it with 54 kills and 24 deaths, and 105 ADR in total. He also had some incredible displays such as 1v4 clutch in the 11th round on Nuke when he won beat four opponents on A site completely on his own.

ENCE stopped FaZe

FaZe generally played so well at DreamHack Masters Dallas, but they met the very firm team in the Semi-final. ENCE proved once again that their result in the first Major this year wasn’t just a coincidence.

The second Semi-final of DreamHack Masters Dallas kicked off on FaZe’s pick, Dust 2. ENCE managed to win the opening four rounds on T side, but FaZe had a huge lead after 20 rounds. They dominated ENCE in the first part of the game, and as a result of their domination, they had a 14-6 lead. No one assumed that ENCE could come back from such a tough situation, but ENCE taught us they never give up. So, they completed an incredible comeback allowing FaZe to clinch just one more round up to the end of regular time.

Accordingly, the game went into Overtime. There, ENCE managed to complete their comeback and win the first leg on FaZe’s map pick, Dust 2 (19-16).

ENCE did something similar on Train as well. FaZe won the first half with comfortable lead 10-5. However, Finnish team (ENCE) conceded barely three rounds until the end to set the final scoreline on 16-13. The youngest participant of second Semi-final of DreamHack Masters Dallas, Sergej, was the man of the match with 59-42 K/D difference, 94 ADR and 73% KAST.

The Grand Final – Team Liquid indeed broke the curse

The Grand Final was the first match in Play-offs of DreamHack Masters Dallas that saw three maps, although it didn’t look like it was going to be so in the last round of the second map. Anyway, the final begun on Mirage, ENCE’s map pick. However, Team Liquid showed huge dominance at the beginning of the first leg. ENCE had a hard time to consolidate themselves on CT side and defend against Liquid’s powerful attacks.

They somehow managed to close the gap between Liquid and them. So, Team Liquid won the first half but with minimal advantage. Nevertheless, the North American team won the second pistol round and had an advantage from the very beginning of the second half. Twistzz also had a good game and it all resulted in a pretty convincing win for Liquid (16-8).

Team Liquid choked once again

Nitr0 and co. had a good chance to finish the final already on the second map as it was their pick. The stakes were pretty high considering that trophy and $100,000 weren’t the only things that Liquid would have won in case of winning the final. They also had a chance to take the throne from Astralis on HLTV rankings. Moreover, Astralis was on top for 406 consecutive days. So, taking number one from Astralis would be a great feat to achieve.

Anyway, Team Liquid is known for choking finals as they ended events as 2nd numerous times in the past. And it looked like it was going to happen once again after the second map.

The best NA team and number one team in the world had a decent result at the end of the first half on T side. They lost it with score 8-7, but considering that Overpass favors CTs, it was a decent score. However, ENCE kicked off the second half in a furious manner clinching five rounds in a row. They managed to win another one to take 14-10 lead. However, after that round, momentum switched sides and Team Liquid earned the match and championship point (15-14).

On top of that, ENCE had to force buy in the last round and try to do something with not so strong equipment. And, they managed to do so and take the game to Overtime. There, when the score was 17-17, Liquid had just to put a bomb down as they were in a better position. But, allu delayed bomb plant to win the round. It was a crucial moment of the second leg as Liquid then lost the second map. Hence, it looked like they were going to choke one more time.

ENCE never give up, but Liquid stayed stronger

On the map of decision (Inferno), ENCE was in an inferior position. At one point, Liquid was leading 10-1. It looked like it was going to be an easy ride for Liquid in the map of decision, but ENCE forced them to fight for the title. They managed to win the last four rounds of the first half to get closer to Liquid (10-5).

ENCE just had to win the second pistol round if they wanted to keep dream about comeback alive. They were in a tough situation as xseveN had to fight four Liquid’s players alone. But he managed to pull out the 1v4 clutch to keep ENCE’s hope still going. ENCE fought fearlessly until the end, but they had big problems with the economy, and Liquid successfully predicted every ENCE’s move. As a result, Liquid put the game to bed (16-13), and won their third trophy this year to confirm they finally broke the curse and to take number one spot from Astralis. EliGE from Liquid won an MVP award.

Trophy Team Liquid Esports CSGO
Source: Team Liquid Twitter

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