Stories Of CS:GO Graffiti – Unforgettable Plays at Majors

Stories Of CSGO Graffiti

There is no better way to give credit to players who did something extraordinary at Majors than making graffiti about their unforgettable plays. These are the stories of CS:GO graffiti of players who became immortal.

“S1mple, what is this clutch, are you serious?”

The first graffiti we are going to talk about is perhaps the best-known play ever made at a Major. It takes a place on B-site of one of the most popular maps, Cache. The story of this CS:GO graffiti leads us back to the Semi-final of ESL One Cologne 2016 where Team Liquid met Fnatic. After the first map won by Liquid, the teams moved to Cache.

S1mple, what is this clutch, are you serious esports

Liquid had a dominant first half and a convincing lead (9-4), but Fnatic had  2v1 man advantage in 14th round. However, on the other side was probably the best player that has ever played this game, Oleksandr s1mple Kostyliev. He dropped down from Heaven and no-scoped dennis. Quickly after that, he no-scoped KRIMZ from a long distance, which was an insane shot. The commentator made this play iconic with his legendary comment: “S1mple, what is this clutch, are you serious? It’s not allowed, this is not FPL. This is a Major”.


Hence, S1mple got his graffiti with flying CT holding AWP and no-scoping his opponents.

200 IQ HE grenade

The story of the next CS:GO graffiti happened in the Grand Final of PGL Major Krakow on Inferno. There, we had two underdogs reaching the Grand Final, which was insane back in a day. Both Gambit Esports and Immortals were out of the Top 10, and it was the first and only time neither Major Grand Final participant was a Top 10 team.

200 IQ HE grenade esports


Immortals crushed Gambit on Cobblestone, but the team from Kazakhstan bounced back on Train. The winner of the PGL Major Krakow was to be decided on Inferno.

Gambit had a huge lead (9-1), but in 11th round, Immortals planted the bomb successfully, and the round was basically over as it was 3v2 man advantage for Immortals. The bomb was ticking down, and two of Immortals players, steel and LUCAS1 went to corner at Pit where they should’ve survived with full HP. But, Dosia, also known as “Dosia X God” threw the HE grenade to that corner to shrink the HP of these two players. Therefore, they didn’t survive the explosion, and the economy of Immortals was seriously hurt in the next round. This smart move made even Immortals players smiling when they realized what had happened.

Dosia got his graffiti with kind of perfume that clearly reminds us of HE grenade and that has the letter “X” in middle of it, referring to Dosia’s nickname “Dosia X God”. Also, this is the only graffiti about the play that didn’t win the round for the player who performed it.

Jumping AWP no-scope double kill

This graffiti is kind of similar to s1mple’s one, but the play behind it was much more difficult to make. The story of the jumping AWP no-scope double kill takes us back to MLG Major Columbus in 2016, where the exact same teams from the Grand Final of Cologne Major in 2016 faced each other in Semi-finals. Luminosity Gaming faced Liquid on Mirage and Cache.

Jumping AWP no-scope double kill esports


On the first map, Liquid had 15-9 and six map points. They all attacked B site hoping they can outnumber Luminosity there, but they didn’t count on coldzera who just destroyed them there.

Firstly, he took down adreN from standard AWPing position on that part of the map. But then, the magic happened when he jumped and no-scoped two players with a single bullet. Promptly, he no-scoped nitr0 who rushed into him, and TACO finished off the last Liquid’s player. Coldzera became immortal as he got flying AWP with four skulls above, referring to quad-kill he made.

By the way, this match featured perhaps the biggest choke ever in the history of CS:GO. Liquid had six map points on Mirage, and nine map points on Cache, but failed to win either map.

Burning defuse

The story of the following CS:GO graffiti took place on Overpass. It is the graffiti about heroic play and sacrifice made by olofmeister in Semi-final of ESL One Cologne 2014 against Team Dignitas. Fnatic had 1 map lead, and they needed to secure Overpass to reach the Grand Final. The score was 14-14, and that round was incredibly important. Dignitas planted the bomb on B site. Fnatic had 4v2 situation so olofmeister started defusing the bomb. Players of Dignitas threw the Molotov on the site hoping it can spread enough and delay the defuse, which almost happened.

Burning defuse Esports Graffiti



Indeed, Molotov spread enough, but olofmeister didn’t cancel the defuse. He stuck to it to the end and got it just about time. Just one millisecond after he defused the bomb, the Molotov got him and he died, but Fnatic won the round, and eventually the match.

This heroic sacrifice didn’t go unnoticed by Valve, so they added the very first graffiti to the game with burning CT angel who defuses the bomb.

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