Stewie2k Shows Why His Nickname Is “Smoke Criminal”

Stewie2k Shows Why His Nickname Is Smoke Criminal
  • Stewie2k is known for his aggressive playstyle and great entry fragging abilities. As he often decides to go through smoke, Stewie2k earned the nickname “smoke criminal”. During his last stream, he showed us why he has such a nickname.

Why you shouldn’t go through smokes?

Smoke grenades have been part of Counter-Strike since its early versions. At the beginnings, it had different purposes, but over time, the default purpose of it crystallized. Now, all pro players are using smoke in more or less the same way. Yes, you can still use smoke for different purposes such as extinguishing Molotov, or ninja defuse, or something else. However, the main purpose of it is to block the vision of the opposite team and basically to stop them from going through a certain pathway.

Of course, smoke is not concrete and it can’t stop you from moving through it. However, in games with high-level players, you shouldn’t do it. The reason is that you don’t know how many players are on the other side. Moreover, good teams will always have someone watching the smoke and they will eventually take down anyone who tries to get through it.


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Therefore, going through smoke is a very risky move and it’s not recommended. However, Stewie2k, the “smoke criminal” doesn’t care much about this rule.

Quad-kill after disrespecting opponent’s smokes

During his last stream, Stewie2k played with and against some other pro players like fl0m, OCEAN, and others. The opposite team attacked A site as they smoked off CT ramp. Stewie just threw the flashbang and rushed into smokes with AWP, which shows us how aggressive he can be. His first shot didn’t connect, but Ts didn’t even realize what happened. They apparently didn’t notice Stewie2k on the other side of smoke at all.

Stewie2k couldn’t believe he stayed alive despite his failed attempt. But, he used the element of surprise as his advantage and he sniped down two players who didn’t have a clue what was going on. Later on, the smoke criminal, Stewie2k, managed to eliminate the remaining two players and defuse the bomb on time. By the way, he missed a clear shot which proves that Valve’s matchmaking servers are much worse than FACEIT’s 128 tick servers.

This way, Stewie2k how he earned the nickname smoke criminal, and he proved once again that he is perhaps the best entry fragger out there at the moment.

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