StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minors Preview

StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minors Preview Esports

We are slowly heading towards the second CS:GO Major of 2019 which takes place in Berlin. Before teams get a chance to compete at the Major, they have to secure their spot through the StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minors.

StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minors – Europe

The Minor events for European and American teams are going to be played simultaneously today all the way through to July 21st in Berlin. All Minors are going to use the same format. They will have to Double-Elimination groups with 4 teams within the Group. Therefore, each Minor will feature eight teams. When the Group Stage comes to the conclusion, the best two teams from each group are advancing further to Play-offs.

|In the Group Stage, Play-offs are also using Double-Elimination Bracket. In the end, the best two teams from each Minor are going directly to StarLadder Major in Berlin, whereas the third team will have another chance to qualify in 3rd Place Play-In event.

When it comes to StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minor in Europe, it is going to see some very strong teams. Teams such as BIG, CR4ZY, Fnatic, mousesports, and North will be part of European Minor. As you can see three of them are Top 15 teams according to HLTV rankings. They will be joined by Sprout, NoChance, and Team Ancient. Therefore, StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minor will be very interesting to watch. We can expect some exciting matches and a lot of highlights.


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That’s it for us in #ECS after an intense game against a great @furiagg. We’ve shown great improvements and will keep working hard. Thanks for all your support! 💙 Picture: @hltvorg #HearTheRoar

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The favorites for qualifying for the Major are Fnatic, mousesports, and North without a doubt. Unfortunately, mousesports and North failed so badly at the last Minor, so they didn’t take part in IEM Katowice 2019 Major. On the other side, Fnatic dropped out already in Challengers Stage, so they had to play Closed Qualifiers to reach Minor where they are going to compete for a place in Berlin Major.

StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minors – Americas

As said, teams from America are going to compete at StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minors at the same time as European teams. Six of the eight teams are coming from North America. The remaining two are South American CS:GO teams. FURIA, eUnited, NRG Esports, Team One, Team Singularity, and Luminosity Gaming are coming from the NA region. Two teams that are coming from South America are Sharks Esports and INTZ eSports.

Regardless of regions, we are going to watch five Brazilian teams in total at Americas Minor. The “real” North American teams are NRG Esports, eUnited, and Singularity.

Surely, the clear favorites for ending on top is NRG Esports who have been playing excellently so far this year. They recorded many great results and won the last Americas Minor. Their biggest rivals are going to be FURIA Esports who managed to establish themselves as Tier 1 team. The odds for other teams are not great, so we can expect a big battle for the third place, whereas the first two places are kind of reserved for FURIA and NRG. However, this is CS:GO and everything is possible. So, it would be interesting to see if anyone can upset the front runners, and if so, who is going to do that.

StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minors – CIS

Unlike European and American Minors, CIS and Asian Minors are going to kick off one week later. This time, CIS Minor will feature Team Spirit, Nemiga Gaming, Syman Gaming, forZe, Unique Team, Warthox Esport, Gambit Youngsters, and DreamEaters. So, on paper, this is perhaps the weakest Minor. As you can see, the only two teams who accomplished something notable in their past are forZe and Team Spirit. On one hand, forZe won Copenhagen Games 2019 against Sprout in the Grand Final, as well as many other Online events this year.

On the other hand, Team Spirit won second place at the previous CIS Minor. So, they took part in IEM Katowice Major. Besides that, they played the Grand Final of ESEA Global Challenge recently. Therefore, we should expect most of these two teams. Also, it would be interesting to see how Gambit Youngsters are going to perform at the following event.

StarLadder Berlin 2019 Minors – Asia

Eight teams that qualified for Asia Minor are coming from six different regions. Grayhound and Avant Gaming are coming from Oceania, and TYLOO and 5Power Gaming are coming from Greater China. The remaining teams are MVP PK (East Asia), ALPHA Red (Southeast Asia), FFAmix (Middle East), and Energy Esports (Africa). None of these teams are Tier 1 teams, but the majority of them had some decent success in their past.

This is also the only Minor where favorites are not so clear as basically, everyone can beat everyone. The odds, however, are on side of Grayhound, TYLOO, and MVP PK who achieved the most among Asian teams. Grayhound and TYLOO even qualified for the previous Major.

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