Sonic Teaches Us How to Play Banana on Inferno [CS:GO]

Sonic Teaches Us How to Play Banana on Inferno Esports CSGO Counter Twitter
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Defending Banana on Inferno is considered to be one of the toughest tasks to accomplish in CS:GO. Many teams failed to figure out the right way, and that’s why the Terrorist side tends to exploit this CT’s weakness on Inferno. Fortunately, Bravado’s player, Sonic, reveals us how to properly defend Banana. 

Sonic CS:GO Esports Player

Inferno is known for favoring the Terrorist side, at least on the amateur level of the game. There seems to be a head start for the Terrorist side where they can rush the B bombsite quite easily, and occupying it the whole match. That can be really frustrating, especially when you play ordinary, amateur matches. Your team has no cohesion and coordination, so the T side can exploit that without any problem on Banana.

Sonic Teaches Us How to Play Banana on Inferno Esports CSGO Airplane
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Therefore, defending Banana is a quite big mystery for many CS:GO players. Fortunately, Sonic from Bravado Gaming talked to ESL Counter-Strike about how Bravado holds Banana. That advice can be really helpful for players who want to improve their game on Inferno.

Utility, utility and more utility

Utility items are a very important aspect of CS:GO game. You just can’t win the round without them. Sometimes, it’s even better to buy some weaker weapon in order to spend more money on utilities. Every player on your team can have the best possible weapons, but opponents flashes and smokes can win the round for them with just holding pistols in their hands. That’s exactly what Sonic emphasize in this interview.

According to his words, Bravado uses utilities to push back their opponents and get a deep angle. That further helps them to take down Terrorists easier. Also, the key is to take early control over Banana, exactly by pushing opponents back using flashes, grenades, and smokes. So, basically, taking control over the Banana is some kind of race. The team who pushes opponents back first usually wins Banana and eventually wins the round.

Why should we listen to what Sonic says?

Instructions such as these are always useful, especially when they come from a pro. Sonic has been playing for Bravado since 2015. Since he joined South African team, they won so many tournaments. Bravado became unquestionably the best South African team. Surely, one of the main reasons for their pure dominance is Sonic himself. He has been the key player for Bravado for years. Therefore, he definitely knows the game better than most of us.

Plus, Bravado played most of their matches on Inferno. They had a pretty high win rate there. The South African team won 66.2% of their games on Inferno. Bravado was almost equally successful as both CTs and Ts. So, if you have your amateur team, you should enforce this advice. Listen to Sonic and practice a lot.

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