Shroud Goes Back To CS:GO And Gets Matchmaking Rank [Video]

Shroud Gets Back To CSGO And Gets Matchmaking Rank

One of the most famous FPS gamers, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek got back to CS:GO on Twitch. Shroud pulled out some incredible plays and got his matchmaking rank.

The Guman Aimbot is Back to CS:GO

Shroud is one of the most famous gamers in the world. His First-person shooters skills are incredible. His fans consider him a human aimbot because of his unbelievable aiming skills. They made a countless number of jokes about that. However, shroud showed us again that can hit whatever he wants.

The Canadian player with Polish origin made his name with Cloud9 player. He started his CS:GO career in 2014 and quickly became a member of the famous NA squad. Shroud won several big events with Cloud9 and recorded some decent results at Majors. His biggest success was winning the title at ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals. Unfortunately for him, he retired from CS:GO after PGL Major in Krakow. Hence, shroud wasn’t a part of Cloud9 squad that won Major in Boston in 2018.

Afterward, we mainly could watch shroud on his Twitch channel. He mainly played other FPS games recently. Thus, he didn’t play CS:GO for a while. But, shroud finally got back to the most popular FPS game.

Shroud’s Aim Didn’t Get Worse

Although shroud hasn’t played CS:GO for a relatively long time, he managed to remind us of his old days by incredible quad and triple-kills. Shroud tried out the new Danger Zone map first, and then he jumped into the matchmaking game. Already in the first pistol round on Overpass, shroud took four frags on B site attack, with no warm-up whatsoever.

When his match on Overpass ended, shroud got his matchmaking rank. As he hasn’t played CS:GO for a long time, he probably lost his rank. After the first game, shroud became a Master Guardian Elite player. This rank is relatively good, but for Shroud, of course, this rank is silly. Regardless, if you are Master Guardian Elite or above, you can be proud as you have a better rank than shroud.

After a few games, Shroud also tried out the new map in the competitive map pool, Vertigo. Again, Shroud made a brilliant play in the first pistol round. He eliminated one T player after bomb plant first. Afterward, he took two frags with the second frag coming after the quick flick. It was like back in the day when shroud was doing these flicks regularly.

It’s impressive that Shroud was able to come back to a game he hasn’t streamed in a long time and showcased his abilities once again. Perhaps he had some practice runs off stream (or not), but regardless, Shroud showed his stream why he’s one of the most talented FPS players in the world.

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