S1mple says “Don’t Panic Guys, We Gonna Destroy Them”

Esports S1mple Panic Destroy CSGO Counter Strike Natus Vincere

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is definitely the youngest player to dominate CS:GO the way he does. His showings and game plays are breathtaking. This time, s1mple showed us how he is cold-blooded, and why he is highly confident; an important asset in CS:GO.

Some may say it’s pointless to describe what some particular player did during his live stream because you can simply watch it. However, this s1mple’s play and his calmness are worth writing about it for several reasons, and the fact that some clips speak volumes when we’re not seeing the bigger picture.

First of all, it was a great display by s1mple, but it is nothing unusual about that considering s1mple leaves us astounded on regular basis. However, on this occasion, Natus Vincere player also demonstrated how calm he is and how much he believes in his skills as well in his teammates.

Esports S1mple says Don't Panic Guys, We Gonna Destroy Them CSGO Counter Strike ESL
Image source: twitter.com/s1mpleO

S1mple also teach us that encouraging teammates is crucial for winning in CS:GO. Without further ado, let’s check what exactly happened.

Dust 2 Bad Boy

S1mple and his teammates were playing on Dust 2 and were leading 15-14. Nevertheless, there was just one minute and ten seconds left on the clock. Therefore, his teammates started getting nervous and talking about what they need to do next in the game chat.

The Ukranian player didn’t like his teammates’ attitude, and he said to them to stop (*swearword)ing panic. He believed they would destroy their opponents in that round. Even though he is perhaps the youngest guy on the team, everyone suddenly felt relief. Obviously, everyone sees s1mple as an authority in CS:GO. That also helped his teammates to play better and feel more confident. Essentially when one of the best players in the world tell you to calm the F* down, you follow orders.

The next thing young Oleksandr did was sniping four CTs for the win in the final round. He showed pure brilliance and power. But, here we don’t talk about how he did it and what technique he used, but instead what attitude he had, and what’s makes him such a great player. Knowing the map, knowing his surroundings, knowing the situation at hand and all of his experience went on display during the 59 seconds of the clip.

The best of the best

You can learn a lot from s1mple and this was a great example of his mental state was during the game. The first and most important lesson is not to panic. That’s the last thing you want to do in FPS games slike CS:GO. Just stay calm and believe in a positive outcome. If you give up before you even start, then there is no point in playing the game. Therefore, try to be like s1mple who knows that nothing is impossible.

Trust yourself and to your skills. The mental aspect of the game is the most important factor at the pro level. The difference between the quality of gameplay of elite players is almost none, but the main discrepancy lays in the head.

If there’s anyone in the world you want to have on your team, it’s this guy. Someone who can command the pace of the game, and give you all the confidence to look down a corridor or alleyway and get the kill.

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