S1mple Dominates the Field at StarSeries i-League

S1mple Dominates the Field at StarSeries i-League CSGO

Natus Vincere fell short in the first round of the StarSeries & i-League against ViCi Gaming. However, their best player, s1mple dominated the field performing some insane plays. Here are some displays that only s1mple can make.

NaVi secured a place in Play-off

Both of these plays come from the Round 4 match versus NRG on Mirage. As said, NaVi lost the first match against ViCi Gaming, even though the Ukrainian team was a big favorite. That bad result even caused contention between s1mple and his teammates. As CS:GO fans know, s1mple often gets angry at his teammates. No wonder, considering how many times he saved them by making some extraordinary displays.

In the next round, NaVi confronted and defeated BIG with scoreline 2-0. NaVi’s next opponent was NiP. After losing the first leg on Dust 2, Natus Vincere bounced back on Nuke (16-13) and Mirage (16-4). As a result, they met NRG in the Round 4 High Match. So, the winner advanced further and the loser had to play another match.

The Ukrainians started the match very well winning the first half on Inferno 9-6. They conceded only three rounds until the end of the leg, so the final score was 16-9 in NaVi’s favor.

The next map was Mirage, the place where s1mple made some astonishing plays. The Ukrainian team again had an early advantage, clinching the first half with the same score – 9-6. But, NRG played much better in the second half and eventually almost caught up NaVi. Nevertheless, Zeus and co. managed to put the game to bed after winning three out of the last four rounds.

What a spray transfer

S1mple’s first play came early on Mirage after NRG and NaVi splitting opening two rounds. NaVi managed to plant the bomb on A site without killing a single CT. NRG then started retaking the site from Ukrainians and s1mple quickly stayed alone against four NRG players.

He was peeking from the ramp, and three enemy players were looking at him at the same time. It looked like it is going to be an easy round win for NRG, but then s1mple showed us a little bit of his magic. Firstly, he killed two CTs who were standing in an open space. Then, instead of stopping his spray, he just transferred it to stairs where tarik was standing. It was unbelievable.

He also managed to eliminate CeRq who was defusing the bomb, but it was too late as CeRq already defused the bomb. So NaVi lost the round, but s1mple got 4 kills. This really shows us that s1mple just dominates the field.

S1mple = AWP no-scope kills

We get used to s1mple’s no scope AWP kills, but he still managed to impress us. This time he was alone against three NRG’s players. He managed to plant the bomb on B site and deny NRG’s retake.

Firstly, he killed tarik in the kitchen. Afterward, he eliminated Brehze, who was jumping from Apartments, without using AWP scope. CeRq was again the last man standing on NRG side, but he somehow failed to kill s1mple even when he missed the first no-scope shot. But s1mple is not the best player of 2018 for nothing. S1mple dominates the field for a very good reason.

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