PROS DON’T THINK – s1mple Pulls Off Spectacular Defuse Against forZe

PROS DON'T THINK - s1mple Pulls Off Spectacular Defuse Against forZe

One of the best defuses in CS:GO just happened recently at the ESL One Group Stage match between Natus Vincere and forZe. NaVi was scheduled to play against forZe which was built up to be a good match. Both teams would take it to Inferno on the first map where they would exchange rounds back and forth. ForZe managed to get the better of NaVi going up 16-12. Since the match series is best of 3 games, all forZe would have to do is win one more match.

Given that NaVi has the best ranked CS:GO player in the world, s1mple, it’s something that forZe would need to consider in the back of their mind that despite being up 1-0, they can’t take anything lightly. NaVi came back on the second map which happened to be Train with a final score 19-17; another close game.

The last game would head to Nuke which NaVi tends to perform better on.

Last Map on Nuke

Both teams were going back and forth, making is another close game until Navi pulled ahead by two. In the 29th round, the entire Natus Vincere squad was eliminated with s1mple left remaining against Jerry and xsepower of forZe. Not only did s1mple have the difficult task of going up against two forZe players, but he also was on the defend and forZe just planted the bomb. Very few players would be able to accomplish this feat, and s1mple is definitely one of those players that you can throw in to pull off an incredible move. Check out one of the best CS:GO defuses in a long time:

As s1mple headed over to bomb site A, he tries to quick-scope xsepower who is right next to the bomb. S1mple also notices that Jerry shot on him from the left side so he was aware of their locations now. Exchanging some firing back and forth s1mple quickly takes action as he has to defuse the bomb now. As he approaches the bomb he leaves his right side open, being vulnerable in case xsepower decided to go to a push, but that didn’t happen.

Jerry just stayed back behind the Cedar Creek crate expecting s1mple to come in, but instead, s1mple had other plans. With bomb time counting down, s1mple slowly moved towards xsepower with a no-scope kill and started to defuse the bomb immediately without thinking. Of course, Jerry saw his teammate was just killed and slowly headed over towards the bomb expecting s1mple to snipe him, but s1mple was smarter than that. He didn’t even think and defused the bomb successfully.

best s1mple defuse in CSGO esports NaVi ForZe

It’s an incredible piece of gameplay as you can see the thought process of s1mple leading up to the defuse, where ironically, he didn’t think about Jerry and just went for the defuse. As the caster put it, “That’s the lesson of today. Pros don’t think.

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