PimpCSGO Fails Demonstrating Trick on Dust 2

PimpCSGO fail

Jacob “PimpCSGO” Winneche finds bad luck during his latest stream, as he hilariously fails in showing a Dust 2 trick, not once, but twice. 

We love to watch current and former CS: GO pro players on Twitch hoping that we can learn something from them and start playing as well as they do.

PimpCSGO wasn’t the greatest CS: GO player, but he is surely better than most of us. When PimpCSGO decided to stop playing CS: GO professionally, he dedicated his time to streaming. Throughout the past several years, he got about 130.000 followers, which is a very good. Many of his 130k followers are watching him because of his great gameplay and game style. From time to time, he shows us some useful and interesting tricks and strategies.

He was playing on Dust 2 and his team needed only one round to win a match. They held a pretty convincing lead (15-7) and PimpCSGO was full of confidence. He thought it was time to show his fans a little trick. Notice that PimpCSGO was on Terrorist side. As he said, it was part of the match when CTs didn’t have any AWP, as they couldn’t afford any. Also, he stresses that this trick doesn’t work every time, but if you do it at the right moment and in the correct way, it should work enough of the time.


From Suicide, through Catwalk to Bombsite A – in theory; in practice – …

The point of this trick is to reach Bombsite A as quickly as possible. The shortest path is definitely from the mid-tunnel known as Suicide and through Catwalk. Anyway, this is rarely possible, as anyone who attempts such a thing will be sniped or shot by CTs that waits in mid. That’s why you need to wait for the right moment.

Also, you need one smoke and two flashes. As Pimp says, you need to throw smoke and one flash on Mid-gate. Also, you need to throw another flash in Catwalk in way PimpCSGO has done it.


Anyway, unlike former pro player expected, CTs in Catwalk didn’t get blinded. When Pimp tried it for the first time it was just funny. But, when he failed even for the second time it was hilarious. Even though he tried to stay calm, we can see that he was really mad after his second blunder.

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