PENTA Returns To CS:GO

  • One of the best-known teams in Europe went back to its roots.

CS:GO is still one of the biggest online games, and major esports titles. The game has millions of players from all over the world. It has a healthy player base, as well as an established esports venue. There are hundreds of CS:GO tournaments every month with various leagues from every country. Some organizations became giant ones through Counter-Strike. One of the most interesting organizations was PENTA, known as a German powerhouse the team had several very good players in their teams. However, in 2017 they sold some of their players and later they emptied their roster suddenly. PENTA had a great team in Rainbow Six Siege as well but all the team moved to G2 in the following months.

But PENTA is coming back to CS: GO now. The team’s roster is going to be a domestic one this time. There are some inexperienced players in their team. Therefore the team is first looking to build experience and set their roster correct. They have decided to enter ESEA leagues as a result since these leagues are a bit more regional and offer the experience to teams. But PENTA coming back to CS is an interesting one since some teams are losing their players to the new game by Riot Games, Valorant.

Of course, PENTA might have seen a loophole in the CS: GO system and wants to fill in with their team. Currently, there are several big tournaments going around the World, but the system is pretty much locked down with all the qualifiers, etc. PENTA rebuilding their former team will take some time definitely and we should not expect big things from them right away. As we have said before their team is a modest one rather than a big powerhouse as it used to be.

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