PashaBiceps Shows Off Ninja Skills While Practicing on Vertigo

PashaBiceps Shows Off Ninja Skills While Practicing on Vertigo

Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski spends his free time streaming CS:GO games. During his last stream, pashaBiceps showed off his ninja skills practicing on Vertigo, the new competitive map. Here, you can watch this amazing ninja kill of famous Papito.

Different opinions on Vertigo

When Valve replaced Cache in Active Duty Group by Vertigo, CS:GO community went insane because of that decision. This update started many different debates as Vertigo is practically a new map after all those changes. Famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer, WarOwl, said that Vertigo favors CT side more. He thinks so because of many nasty angles that T side has to check. Also, rotations for CT side on Vertigo are so convenient and fast.

Some other players like North’s player, valde compare Vertigo to Nuke in terms of sounds. Truly, it is a huge problem as Vertigo is a vertical map just like Nuke. So, it’s hard to distinguish sounds and everyone can hear everything. Ropz and steel claim that Valde just doesn’t practice enough. They say that anyone who practices on Vertigo enough can deal with sounds issues.

PashaBiceps is possibly preparing for a big comeback

Therefore, no wonder why pashaBiceps is practicing on Vertigo. He apparently wants to master a new map as quickly as possible. There are still rumors floating around that he wants to create a new team together with Neo. So, it’s possible that he is practicing on Vertigo in order to use that as his advantage after getting back to the competitive scene.

The first tournament that is going to use Vertigo is DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro. It will kick off on April 19th. Afterward, many other tournaments will use Vertigo as well. So, pashaBiceps will have only benefits from practicing on Vertigo.

PashaBiceps  shows off Ninja skills after bomb plantation

Papito was playing Wingman on Vertigo and we witnessed the 1v1 duel between pasha and his opponent. Pasha’s opponent entered a B site without noticing the Polish player. Former player didn’t shoot him even though he could easily finish the round. He rather waited for T-side to plant the bomb. Then, he started chasing him from behind.

PashaBiceps could easily eliminated the enemy by knifing him, but he didn’t. Instead, he had his SMG in hands all the time. Finally, when the last Terrorist spotted him, pashaBiceps showed off his ninja skills and eliminated the enemy, then quickly defusing the bomb. He was smiling all the time as it was a really fun play. In the end, he pointed out how much he loves this game.

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