PashaBiceps Forgot How to Play CS:GO

PaszaBiceps Forgets How to Play CSGO Virtus.Pro Counter Strike Esports Twitch
  • One of the best Polish CS:GO players of all time, pashaBiceps retired last year. Since then, he dedicated his spare time to Twitch streaming. However, it seems like a lack of training has a significant impact on pashaBiceps game.
pashaBiceps forgot how to walk in CS:GO

pashaBiceps was playing on the Terrorist side with some active CS:GO players like ALEX, hAdji, ISSAA, and Zywoo. On the other side were three Cloud9 players (autimatic, flusha and GOLDON) and with Dev7l and BUBSKI. They played the first match on Inferno. PaszaBiceps’ team kicked off the game in a great way, as they win five of the opening six rounds. In the sixth round, they managed to plant the bomb and eliminate all of the opponent’s players except BUBSKI.

PaszaBiceps went all the way back to Bridge and was waiting with his AWP. Suddenly, on his left side, BUBSKI appeared but didn’t see Pasha. Then, Pasha had him on gunpoint but didn’t shoot. Instead, he wanted to kill BUBSKI with the knife. But he made the amateur mistake, as he didn’t walk.

As a result, BUBSKI heard him on time and turned around to eliminate pashaBiceps. Pasha screamed and wondered how BUBSKI heard him. Maybe he thought that the explosion should have deafened BUBSKI, but it obviously didn’t happen. Pasha should have known that BUBSKI would hear him running towards him. That is one of the basic rules in CS:GO.


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Where that smoke finished?

pashabiceps forgot how to play CSGO esports Counter Strike

Another interesting situation occurred on Mirage with a bit different teams. PashaBiceps was on the Terrorist side again. This time, he was approaching mid. On the halfway to the mid, he threw long smoke on, as he thought, top mid. Then, he threw a Molotov and instantly got blinded by the flash. When he got back his vision, he saw where his smoke actually ended up. It actually finished on one of the houses in mid.

Pasha couldn’t believe what he had done. But he just laughed at himself. It was one wasted smoke that could have helped his team if was an appropriate threw. But, after these two fails, we can conclude that pashaBiceps forgot how to play CS:GO, as he doesn’t play CS:GO professionally anymore, but for entertainment only. If he still has some ideas of coming back to CS:GO at the pro level, he definitely will have to train like he used to in order to be in top shape.

Interestingly, pashaBiceps forgot how to play CS:GO, but he already had some difficulties with the utility on Mirage. So, this may mean that he generally doesn’t feel comfortable on Mirage. That’s not unusual at all considering he is an old school CS player, and Mirage was introduced in CS:GO.

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