PASSION: pashaBiceps Cries Carrying CS:GO Trophy to Stage

pashaBiceps Cries Carrys CSGO Esports Trophy to Stage

If there is one man who solidifies everything good about esports, that man’s name would be pashaBiceps. The multi-talented CS:GO esports player shows his love for the game.

PashaBiceps – The Legend

Jarosław Jarzabkowski, also know by his popular CS:GO name “Pshabiceps” is one of the most liked esports figures in the world. Throughout his career he’s been humble in all aspects of competition. Through the good and bad, Pasha has always remained respectful and has become a beloved community figure. It’s hard not to like Pasha, because he greets you with his big smile and positive spirit. Although PashaBiceps retired, he is definitely not forgotten in the CS:GO Esports world.


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His accomplishments are impressive, Placing first place is many CS:GO tournaments including the ESL Major series, ELEAGUE Season 1, Dreamhack Opens, and much more.

Pashabiceps is one of the most decorated esports figures on the planet, and it all started off playing at internet cafes in Poland.

pashaBiceps Cries Carrying CS:GO Esports Trophy to Stage

It was only fitting that the PashaBiceps would present the IEM Katowice trophy at the Champions stage in Katowice, Poland. As Pasha is from Poland, and just retired from competition recently, it was a class act by ESL to bring him back and honor him as one of the best players in CS:GO history with this presentation.

As the show started, the host began highlighting some of Pashabiceps accomplishments and setting the tone for his entrance. Pashabiceps emerged from the backstage and walked forward towards the crowd to place the IEM Katowice trophy down.

Then a special moment happened. Pashabiceps cries carrying the trophy. In the most human way possible, Pasha didn’t shy away as his eyes were glowing in red. He was reminiscing his past moments, all of his accomplishments. It wasn’t too long ago that Pasha was standing at the stage, lifting the trophy with

But now it’s all behind him, and he came to a realization that it’s time to pass the trophy along to new players who are looking to become legends just like Pasha.

Pashabiceps Crying IEM Katowice Trophy CSGO
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We hope to see more of him at major CS:GO events, perhaps even getting a spot on the panel and sharing his unique insights to the game.

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