PashaBiceps is back to Streaming. Possibly back to CS:GO?

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Image source: Pashabiceps

Legendary CS:GO player and streamer, Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski, is back to regularly Twitch streaming. His fans were incredibly happy to see the former player back streaming on the most popular website Twitch. 

About three weeks ago, announced they ceased competition in CS:GO. This was devastating to fans and players all around the CS:GO world. At the same time,’s most popular player pashaBiceps posted something on his Twitter account. It was a message to his fans and everyone in the CS:GO world that he would retire from competitive gaming. Therefore, fans expected him to become a full time Twitch streamer as this seems to be the next step with major players (ex:Shroud). However, it seems pashaBiceps still doesn’t know what he is going to do next.

When announced their new squad; their former captain NEO wasn’t there. Taking his age into consideration, the most logical conclusion was that he was going to retire as well. Nonetheless, it looks like pashaBiceps and NEO have something else in mind. You could see rumors spreading on the popular Counter-Strike website HLTV that neo and pasha are going to form a new team with three young talented players. PashaBiceps boosted speculations when he posted the exact same article on his Twitter account. Therefore, does it mean we all misunderstood his post about retirement? Moreover, he has never clearly announced retirement, so everything is possible.

One thing for sure, papito is streaming again

While we cannot be 100% certain about pasha coming back to CS:GO, we definitely know he is streaming once again after a long break. He wasn’t streaming for so long as his first stream lasted for barely one hour. At the end of the stream, he promised he is going to continue streaming on regular basis, at least three to four times per week.

New mic, and funny fail

We all think of pasha as of someone openhearted who’s a good person. He always smiles genuinely and his Polish accent makes him even more adorable. These are some of the reasons why people like him and why he is so popular. It’s something that comes natural for Pasha, and he does it so well. Plus, pashaBiceps is a CS:GO legendary player. We presume he didn’t practice CS:GO much during holidays as he had a tinny fail. He played on the Terrorist side and wanted to throw Molotov. But, his Molotov deflected from the wall and dropped in front of his team. Popular papito realized what he had done and he said CTs threw Molotov so he can avoid his teammates blaming him. Of course, nobody would ever blame pasha for such a trivial thing.

Former player also invested some money in a new microphone. Apparently, he couldn’t wait to test it. So, he repeated the same question several times. Pasha wanted to know whether other people could him. It’s not certain what PashaBiceps path will be; will he be returning full time on Twitch? Perhaps he will be starting a new team? If he does start a new team he might perhaps coach the team or even be a player. It’s all speculation right now, but at least seeing Pasha play CS:GO on twitch is a nice consolation prize as we thought we lost Pasha after he retired.

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