pashaBiceps Gives His Twitch Viewers Advice on CS:GO

Esports PashaBiceps teaches tactic trick Train Twitch Gaming Pro Game Life
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Train is one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike, and has been for years. PashaBiceps was kind enough to show his viewers on his Twitch channel once again why he is so likable, and why he’s one of the best players to ever touch the game. He demonstrated one of the most common tactic tricks on Train. Here’s a look at what he did.


Counter-Strike is a team game and you definitely want to subordinate everything to the team. That’s the only way to get what you want. If you try to do otherwise, you’ll end up losing straight matches. Therefore, you have to even think in a team way, so you can maximally contribute to the squad. Hence, you’d like to see how to do one of the most popular tactic tricks on Train in order to help your team win the game.

Here is how pasha does this trick
Esports PashaBiceps teaches tactic trick Train Twitch Gaming Pro Game Life ESL
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First of all, we noticed that pashaBiceps was playing on the Terrorist side. He went to Ivy through T long. So first off, you need to check for info and rather quickly as enemies are nearby. You surely don’t want to get hit if anybody is there because then the whole trick won’t go as planned. Luckily for Pasha, no enemies was in that section. Next, you have to flash the corridor in order to blind any potential snipers. Afterwards, you enter into Ivy and go towards the crate.

Once you get to the cover, you would need to throw a Molotov. Next, you would throw a smoke instantly after the fire spreads. In that way, you will buy enough time to get to the train tunnels from behind. The whole idea is to create distraction, create some sort of confusion for the enemy as you are planning out your entry points. PashaBiceps manages to kill one CT thanks to this tactic. Also, if there is anyone in A3 tunnel, he will not be noticed or shot at due to smoke in the tunnel. Pasha wasn’t very lucky as when he passed through smoke, he got sniped. But still, he managed to complete a couple of important tasks.

What pasha’s team got

The most obvious thing PashaBiceps did was eliminate one opponent. If there was more CTs there, Pasha would have most likely killed them all, or at least wound them very badly. So, that’s the best thing this trick can provide you. It provides a sort of offense where you don’t need to worry what’s happening behind you.

That came as a bonus, and the main focus should be put on distressing opponents and drawing their attention. In this way, you will force potential an AWPer to fight you instead of sniping your teammates in an open space. In addition, this is some kind of outflanking opponent team as you attack them from both sides.

So, if you seek a fast and effective way of occupying the A bombsite, this is a perfect way to go. Just remember, this military tactic works only when there is no one on Ivy, but its definitly worth giving a shot. Ever since PashaBiceps retired, we’ve been seeing some golden nuggets on his stream. Will we see more tips, tricks, advice and even a whole map plan from Pashabiceps now that he isn’t competing in GS:GO esports? We’ll only find out the more we watch Pasha on his Twitch stream.

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