The Original Cloud9 CS:GO Squad Is Reuniting

The Original Cloud9 CSGO Squad Is Reuniting
Source: HLTV

The member of the first Cloud9 roster, n0thing, revealed that the original CS:GO Cloud9 squad that had a terrific run in 2015 is reuniting and planning to play again together. Read more about that in this article.

“Cloud9 summer”

The old Cloud9 roster, also known as original Cloud9 CS:GO squad was the one that proved that NA CS:GO scene can be good too. Although it’s not really an original C9 squad, many fans consider it to be the original as they were those who made the breakthrough and had the most success.

In the middle of 2014, the esports organization, Cloud9, signed the whole compLexity Gaming CS:GO roster. Young and talented, n0thing and shroud were accompanied by experienced SEMPHIS and Hiko and led by their IGL, seangares. However, things changed relatively quickly in Cloud9, and after a couple of roster changes, the NA team finally found their winning combination. At the end of April 2015, Cloud9 signed Skadoodle and freakazoid to complete what is known as original Cloud9 squad.

Old Cloud9 CSGO Esports Team
Source: HLTV

That squad had a perfectly balanced game and great chemistry in the locker(gaming) room. Therefore, the results had to come as they did. After a bunch of Online events in North America, Cloud9 finally came to European soil where the very high temperature was waiting for them. But, they have only good memories about that as they played three consecutive Grand Finals at big events. Unfortunately, they lost all of them.

This squad eventually fell apart as sgares left the team at the end of 2015. Since then, the nostalgia was hitting CS:GO fans very hard. Cloud9 managed to win the Boston Major in a miraculous way, but afterward, their car started going downhill.

Good news is that the original Cloud9 CS:GO squad is reuniting and they will play together again.

Reunion of sgares and company

Of course, this sounds too good to be true. At the moment, there is no clear sign that Cloud9 or any other organization will sign up Cloud9 roster from 2015. However, during his last stream, the member of this squad, n0thing, said they plan to play an Online event together.

According to his words, all members of this famous squad are part of their Whats App group. Right now, they are waiting for a good moment to take part in an Online event. It’s going to be very interesting to see the original Cloud9 CS:GO squad reuniting and playing together again.

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