TRANSFER NEWS: NRG Esports Benches Daps And Signs Stanislaw

NRG Esports Benches Daps And Signs Stanislaw Esports
Source: NRG Twitter

Big transfer news is coming from NRG Esports who benched their in-game leader, daps. He is going to be replaced by Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz who moved from compLexity’s inactive roster to NRG Esports. Stanislaw will also take over the role of in-game leader.

Poor performance cost daps his place in NRG

Daps has never been a particularly good player. His game has always been about leading his team in one way or another. Moreover, he led NRG Esports as a coach at three events at the end of 2017. But his performance was always relatively low. Most of the time, his average rating has been below 1.00. Although it’s kind of expected from in-game leaders to perform worse than other players, top teams such as NRG Esports cannot allow themselves to have any player who performs so weak.

Daps’ struggle began at the end of June last year when his rating significantly dropped. Since then, the highest rating that daps had at the end of the event was 1.04 at Americas Minor. The rest of the tournaments, daps finished with a rating below 1.00, which is really bad for players who regularly play the best events. Accordingly, NRG Esports benched daps and signed stanislaw who actually was daps’ teammate in OpTic in 2016.

Stanislaw can have a positive impact on NRG

Unlike daps, stanislaw’s recent form has been very solid. He has been performing very well. Before stanislaw joined compLexity, the North American team hadn’t played a Major for a very long time. Since stanislaw moved to compLexity, the NA team played two Majors in a row and recorded some very good results.

At FACEIT Major, they played Quarter-finals where they lost to MiBR. At the last Major in Katowice, compLexity faced four very strong rivals. They lost to Astralis, MiBR and FaZe Clan. However, compLexity managed to win versus NRG Esports, the same team that stanislaw is joining now. Obviously, NRG is following the rule “If you can’t beat them, join them”, or in this case it’s “If you can’t beat them, sign them”.

NRG will get so much by signing stanislaw. As mentioned, he performs very well in the game, and at the same time, he has a lot of experience. Although he didn’t win so many big trophies, he had very decent showings in OpTic Gaming. There, he managed to win ELEAGUE Season 2 and played the Grand Final ECS Season 2 Finals. In 2017, he played for Team Liquid, where he also had some good results.

Afterward, he had a short chapter in OpTic once again, but in April 2018, he joined compLexity and significantly improved their performance with other teammates. Therefore, this is very clever move by NRG Esports, which can likely lead them to some new heights.

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