North Solidifies DreamHack Spain CS:GO Open Sevilla Trophy

North Solidifies DreamHack Spain CSGO Open Sevilla Trophy

North won the three-day DreamHack Spain CS:GO tournament over seven other European teams in the best possible timing. 2019 wasn’t kind to the often-overlooked Danish team, often in the shadows of Astralis and the likes. On top of that, they continuously fell down the ladder against relatively newer teams.

Nevertheless, Nicklas “gade” Gade’s Danish quintet managed to clutch their final tournament of the year.

Group Stage

The road to winning the tournament wasn’t clear as day for North. They needed overtime to win their first game against BIG on Nuke, 19-16. After that, they lost to CR4ZY on Train in the winners’ match. Thankfully, they managed to take a clean 2-0 against Movistar Riders in the decider match heading into playoffs.


Being on the losing bracket, they drew MAD Lions in the semis, a Spanish team with an all-Danish lineup. North lost the first map (Overpass) in a relatively close fight, 16-10. From there, North picked up confidence to nail a clutch 16-14 Dust 2 win to tie the series. Finally, they pulled off a second half T-side run in the final map to send the Lions home early, 16- 11 on Vertigo.


With GODSENT falling in a similar 2-1 against CR4ZY, North faced up against the same team that beat them first in the tournament. That seemed to fuel their aggression well, as they went on to demolish the German team 16-4 on Mirage.

Their opponents bounced back well, however, winning the next map (Vertigo) by successfully halting North’s comeback attempts. However, that only made North even hungrier for the title. Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye made sure his team won’t be spending the holiday season in gloom. His highlight-worthy quad kill put the nail on the coffin and North rode their squad’s all-positive rating to the championship.

René “cajunb” Borg led North in KD difference, 55 – 45 (+10) in the final series. On the other hand, CR4ZY’s Rokas “EspiranTo” Milasauskas unsuccessfully tried to carry his team forward despite boasting a 53 – 51 (+2) KD.

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