MUST SEE: Team Liquid Dismantles Ghost’s 4-Man Tower Boost

Team Liquid Dismantles Ghost's 4-Man Tower Boost

On the first day of cs_summit 4, Ghost Gaming was unsuccessful as they lost all four maps to Team Liquid and Team Vitality. On top of that, Team Liquid dismantled Ghost’s 4-man tower boost on Overpass to keep dominating them on that map. See the video clip below.

Almost An Embarrassing Loss

Cs_summit 4 kicked off with Team Liquid besting Ghost Gaming in both Best-of-1 matches. The first map was Overpass and Team Liquid started off in a dominant manner clinching 12 opening rounds. Then, the number alongside Ghost’s name on the scoreboard finally changed as they managed to break Liquid’s furious streak.

However, their endeavor to not finish the first half with such a bad result ended up in failure. In the 14th round, Ghost decided to try out the well-known 4-Man Tower boost on Overpass. This boost can be very effective because CTs rarely expect it. Hence, T side often manages to take an easy opening frag. Regardless, things can turn around very easily as it happened in a duel between Ghost Gaming and Team Liquid.

Ghost succeeded in making the famous 4-Man Tower boost and they were waiting for someone to peek on Heaven on B site. But, it didn’t happen for a while. Nevertheless, players of Ghost were patiently waiting for that lethal peek, hoping they can take that early kill. Afterward, Team Liquid confidently started rushing in order to confirm the absence of Ghost’s players on B site.

They saw what Ghost tried to do and then Team Liquid dismantled Ghost’s 4-Man Tower boost by taking down the player on the top, Wardell. There wasn’t anything that Ghost could do, so Stewie2k and Twistzz killed the whole Ghost squad. Later on, Ghost managed to win another 9 rounds in the second half, but Team Liquid eventually prevailed.

Team Vitality Is In Great Form

After securing the first map against Ghost, Team Liquid convincingly won the second (Dust 2) one as well (16-11). On the top of the table, however, is Team Vitality who bested both NRG and Ghost. They had to play double Overtime in both matches, and they won it with an identical score (22-20). Additionally, they won the second map against both teams, which put them on top of the table so far, although Team Liquid hasn’t played their second match yet.

NRG comes in third place as they beat Renegades on both maps, and ENCE is following them in fourth place considering they split maps with Renegades. Aussies (Renegades) and Ghost Gaming are fifth and sixth teams.

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