The Most Emotional CS:GO Speech Ever by Michal Blicharz

The Most Emotional CSGO Speech Ever by Michal Blicharz
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IEM Katowice Champions Stage officially kicked off, and fans were able to enjoy a beautiful opening ceremony. As a part of that ceremony, August Williamson performed one of her songs called Now. IEM director, Michal Blicharz, made one of the best CS:GO speeches ever. You need to hear his important message.

Opening ceremony

CS:GO fans, as well as viewers in the Spodek arena watched a very well prepared opening ceremony. So many things drew our attention, but the song of August Williamson and speech of Michal BlicharzCarmac” particularly stood out. As well as the trophy presentation when pashaBiceps got emotional, carrying the IEM Katowice trophy.

Namely, the organizer of the whole event made a speech that lasted for about four minutes. Many viewers had agreed that it was the best speech in Esports history. Ironically, Michal Blicharz began his speech emphasizing that he planned to make a short speech. But, he immediately added that speech might not be short, as we could see later.

Michal Blicharz Speech IEM Katowice ESL CSGO Counter Strike
Image source: ESL IEM
Michal Blicharz Gives Us the Most Important Message

Nevertheless, nobody blamed Michal Blicharz for taking their time, because they could enjoy a phenomenal speech. Michal Carmac started talking about semi-final of Major in Germani 2011. He explained how tough the event was, and how much emotions were involved back then. Michal Blicharz remembered that one player of losing team fell to his knees with head down. Members of winning squad started crying after a huge victory.

The significance of CS:GO passion

Carmac added that the reason wasn’t either money or fame. Back then, there wasn’t much money, and there weren’t so many people watching. He pointed out that the only reason for those emotions was a special feeling that only competitors can feel. Michal described that Esports is not much different than real sports.

He stated that CS:GO players always try to be better and to cross all boundaries. They try to be at their best every moment. In Michal’s opinion, that feeling when you become slightly better than you were is the best feeling ever.

Carmac spent the rest of his speech giving a credit to great CS:GO competitors. In addition to that, he mentioned that two players lost one of their parents before the event. Regardless, they chose to be at Katowice, because that’s the most important thing for them at the moment. That’s only one of the many sacrifices they had to make in order to be where they are at the moment.

Michal Blicharz finished his speech with a heart touching message. He said:

“When you go home, please remember to tell your father and mother that you love them.”

Michal Blicharz Carmac IEM ESL Passionate Speech Mother Father
Image source: ESL IEM

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