The Most Common Mistakes In CS:GO

The Most Common Mistakes In CSGO

No matter what rank we are talking about, there are always going to be players who make at least one of the most common mistakes in CS:GO. If you want to improve your game, check out these mistakes and try to not make them anymore.

The Most Common Mistakes In CS:GO

1. Holding crosshair too low

This mistake is typically done by inexperienced and low-rank players. You will rarely see players with a rank above Silver hold their crosshairs closer to opponents’ feet than their heads. Nevertheless, fresh new players have a tendency to keep crosshairs unreasonably low all the time.

Holding crosshair too low CSGO Mistakes

This makes sense because of several reasons. The first one is that there is a rule in real life about directing your gunpoint to ground while holding any sort of gun. Simply, that’s the safest way to go. The other one is that people naturally don’t hold their heads straight up, hence, they feel more comfortable with holding crosshairs low in the game as well.

Of course, this is a very big mistake as you actually need to always hold crosshairs in the level of opponents’ heads. That’s something pro players are trying to always do, which gives them an advantage considering they need shorter reaction time.

2. Providing teammates with false info and overrotating

This is another big mistake that you can face in any skill rank, although it’s much more common in lower ranks. How many times you lost the round because of your teammate said that all Ts are heading towards one particular bombsite, but instead it was just one player who tried to fake attack. This happens a lot, and it’s really annoying when it occurs. So, don’t be that guy who panics and calls for rotations even though you are not sure how many Ts are approaching your bomb site.

You only need to provide your teammates with information you are 100% sure about. Otherwise, it can result in giving your opponents round for free. That’s why you should avoid one of the most common mistakes in CS:GO.

3. Leaving your weapon peeking out

Getting killed because your weapon was peeking out corner is one of the most annoying ways to die in the game. Sometimes, you will not even be aware that your weapon was peeking out and you can easily assume that opponent is using visual assistance. Instead, you always need to be careful about where you are pointing your gun while standing in close corners and angles.

Leaving your weapon peeking out CSGO

This is something that we can even see in official matches when pro players are just not aware that they are giving away their position because of exposed guns in their hands. Therefore, it’s better to just point your gun to the wall and wait for the perfect moment to reveal yourself.

4. Rushing in the battle with the bomb

It’s nothing wrong about rushing straight into bombsite and leading your team as an entry fragger unless you are the player with the bomb. One of the most important tasks for CTs is to reveal the position of C4 so they can position themselves accordingly. On top of that, if they manage to take down players with C4, they can just camp around and hold it until time expires.

So, don’t make a life for CTs easy. If you got the bomb, but still want to go first into the fight, just dropped in a safe place or pass it to the next teammate. In official matches, some pro teams like to just leave the bomb in spawn until they decide where they are going.

Rushing in the battle with the bomb CSGO Mistake
5. Flashing your teammates

Maybe flashing seems easy to you, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Just like HE Nades, Smokes, and Molotovs, pro players have their line-ups for Flashbangs as well. They are trying to find the best possible flashbangs that will not flash their teammates, but only opponents.

If you are flashing your team consistently, maybe it’s just better to not use Flashbangs at all. You will do more harm than good if you use Flashbangs in the wrong way.

6. Doing math wrong

Given that CS:GO is not like the majority of FPS games, it requires some decent knowledge of its economy system. If you want to have the best weapons most of the time, you need to do some math properly.

To begin with, many players don’t save at all but they just keep force-buying, which is terribly wrong. In that way, you will rarely be able to play with the best weapons, which will make your chances for winning the game worse.

The second problem is players who are not sure when they have to save. They either save too often, or they do it in the wrong rounds. That’s why you need to learn the basics of CS:GO money system to avoid one of the most common mistakes in CS:GO.

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