What Was The Most Bizarre Moment At ESL One New York? Probably The Bucket Head Man.

What Was The Most Bizarre Moment At ESL New York Probably The Bucket Head Man.
  • During the finals of ESL One New York, one of the most bizarre moments happened when one fan got the attention of the entire crowd. What did he do? Find out below.

What Was The Most Bizarre Moment At ESL New York?

At the ESL One New York finals between Evil Geniuses and Astralis, EG’s new CS:GO team was looking great, taking the first and second match. Astralis fought back in a tight battle to close the gap, but EG was too strong in the end and captured the ESL One New York titled. During the finals, one fan decided to cheer for EG in a very unique way. This was possibly the most bizarre moment at any ESL major and will now be referred to as the “Bucket Head Man” moment.


During the promo break, DHL was doing a marketing bit and getting the crowd involved in it’s gift box giveaway. However, the DHL rep (Pala) spotted someone in the crowd that was doing something odd. It was a fan collecting ESL buckets on his head. It was so bizarre that the DHL rep asked the fan to come down so he can ask him a few questions. Watch the bizarre moment here:

As the bucket head man walked over, the Pala asked, “what’s the inspiration behind this magnificent look?”

Bucket head man’s response?

” I took all the buckets to put on my head and show support for EG”

The crowd then went on a cheering rant, screaming, “Bucket head! Bucket Head! Bucket Head!”. It was a moment that attendees will remember, especially the commentators at the booth who were baffled by the entire thing. The bucket head man had as much as 40 buckets collected on his head and was still able to work his way around the arena trying to collect more buckets.

As the commentators tried to bring back their focus to Astralis and EG, they couldn’t help but notice that the bucket head man was still collecting buckets, to at one point they thought he had a world record. The casters even got involved, going a play-by-play of the bucket head man. It was quite a sight to see and something that made everyone enjoy.

We’re not sure if the casters were able to call the Guinness World Records line, but what we do know is that perhaps the bucket head man has set a new trend for the new ESL major event.

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