MiBR Shouldn’t Have Benched Tarik?

MiBR Shouldn't Have Benched Tarik Esports Counter Strike CSGO
Image source: instagram.com/officialtarik

We all know the feeling when scoring an ace in CS:GO. It’s overwhelming and one would have a hard time holding back their emotions. MiBR’s Tarik is use to acing in CS:GO, as he just recently done. This is perhaps tarik’s way to hit back at MiBR’s for benching him.


A couple of days ago, we heard that MiBR benched tarik and signed felps from INTZ eSports. That was really shocking considering that tarik is a very good CS:GO player. Furthermore, it looks like MiBR wants to have a complete Brazilian squad, and that could be one of the reasons behind this decision. The fact that MiBR also appointed zews as the coach in the place of YNk just encourages that belief. However, felps has extensive experience in competing professionally. He played for many different teams and has a great track record. Plus, he played together with the current MiBR squad in SK Gaming.

MiBR tarik CSGO Counter Strike Dreamhack
Image source: dreamhack

Still, the overall impression is that MiBR made mistake as tarik seems to be in great shape. But only time will tell how things will unravel. At the end of the day, tarik is still part of the Brazilian team, and they can always fix any wrong doings on their end.

In the meantime, tarik dedicated his time to streaming

What else can a professional CS:GO player do when he isn’t competing? Well, its very well-known that most athletes and eSport players stay in the same branch after retirement. Of course, this is a completely different thing from retirement, but still, tarik has a lot of free time, and he has to find a good way to spend it. Moreover, the most logical solution for this is to keep playing CS:GO as frequently as possible, which will help them stay up to par for competition. That’s exactly what tarik is doing at the mnoment. He started spending more time streaming on Twitch.

During his last streaming, he managed to eliminate all the players from enemy’s team. His ace is even more valuable as it happened in a pistol round, which is very unusual to see. He played on Cache and killed two opponents on mid, both headshots. Given that one of these two players was felps, the situation was is even more interesting. Then, he went to the B bombsite and killed the remaining three opponents, all three kills were headshots.

So, let’s summarize this. Tarik killed all five Terrorists by headshots, in a pistol round. He also stayed absolutely calm after that. His only reaction was: “I’ve been waiting for this round for weeks.” Obviously, he got used to having such aces during his long career.

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