m0E_tv is retiring from streaming?

m0E_tv is retiring from streaming twitch youtube esports csgo Counter Strike
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m0E_tv is retiring from streaming?

Do you know that feeling when you watch a particular streamer for so long you start to consider him as your friend? You just know so much about him or her and somehow you’re used to watching them every day than you’re regular TV shows. You even miss them when they don’t stream for a while. The fact that they cannot stream forever is really hard to accept. You just know that they have to retire one day. Well, it seems like “that day” will come in near future for m0E_tv.

m0E_tv was streaming his standard CS:GO game. His team was the terrorist side playing on Overpass and losing 3-1. The round began and nothing unordinary. Suddenly, m0E_tv said that he is probably going to retire from streaming. First, he said that he is going to retire from streaming on Twitch, but then he added he is probably going to retire from streaming ingeneral. People who watched his stream were shocked. They immediately started asking m0E_tv to not quit streaming.

One user kept typing “Nooooo” in the chat box. It was really a shocking moment for everyone, considering m0E_tv didn’t provide any hint previously. Is this true, or m0E_tv just wantde to shake things a little bit? Only time will tell. Perhaps he is just tired of streaming at the moment. Perhaps he will just take a rest.

What are possible reasons for retirement?

If we want to figure out whether m0E_tv is just joking, or is he serious, we should try to find potential reasons for such action. The first thing that would occur to any parent is that m0E_tv just wants to have more time to spend with his daughter. Actually, we can see that his daughter was calling him, exactly after m0E_tv “announced” his retirement. So, that is one of the possible reasons. Streaming can take a lot of time from a person, especially if he is a very popular streamer. Therefore, it is absolutely understandable if m0E_tv indeed wants to spend more time with his daughter.

There is also another reason, but less likely. We can see that m0E posted something on his Tweeter account on 11 December. He posted a picture with TeamLiquid’s Logo plus his avatar, and wrote down bellow “Looks like someone needs a coach”. Was that a joke? Well, m0E_tv was pro player and he was part of Team Liquid in ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 – Finals. So, he has needed experience, and we know that many coaches didn’t achieve anything special in their careers, but they are successful coaches.

We also know that Team Liquid has been struggling to win Premier for a long time, and m0E_tv charisma and fight spirit can help them to achieve great results.

m0E_tv Coach for Team Liquid?

Being a coach with Team Liquid would also secure him a stable job instead of regularly depending his income on Twitch Ads and sponsorship. We’re not certain as these are “only” assumptions, but they can be factored into the equation of guesses if that makes any sense. More news to come!

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