KioShiMa Leaves Cloud9. Fer Fakes Transfer Announcement

KioShiMa Leaves Cloud9. Fer Fakes Transfer Announcement CSGO

Cloud9 decided to release Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey who is a free agent now. Brazilian player Fernando “fer” Alvarenga fooled his fans that he was leaving MiBR. Here’s the recent CSGO news.

Things don’t work in MiBR

The situation in the most famous Brazilian club is getting worse every day. MiBR started the season decently reaching the Semi-finals of the first Major. They showed a solid performance against Astralis, but it wasn’t enough to beat the best team in the world. Nevertheless, the first Major went pretty well for the Brazilians.

However, the following three events were a real disaster for them. At WESG 2018, they were front runners. Everyone considered them being favorites for winning the title. But, they failed to meet expectations when the eventual champion, Windigo Gaming, and eliminated them in Quarter-final.

The next event should have been a confidence booster for MiBR. They played the first BLAST Pro event on home soil, so they had the support of the home crowd. Regardless, they failed miserably. Not only that they didn’t win a single point in a Group Stage, but they even didn’t win a single aim duel in Standoff Showmatch. It was such a bad tournament for MiBR.

Things didn’t get any better at StarSeries & i-League either. MiBR managed to beat Panda Gaming in the first round and that was basically everything they achieved at this event. After that, they lost to Renegades, NRG, and North and finished the competition as 12th-14th placed team. On top of that, the old squad member, fer, leaves the team after more than three years being the part of the Brazilian squad. Or does he?

Fer makes nasty April Fools Joke

Fer was playing together with coldzera and FalleN since they joined Luminosity Gaming in 2015. Later, they joined SK Gaming and eventually started playing under MiBR’s logo in the middle of 2018. So, they have been through many things together.

Alongside mentioned teams, fer also played for Keyd Stars, KaBuM, PlayArt, SUAP, and others. His first appearance on the big stage was at ESWC 2014 with KaBuM, when his team won only one match.

His first notable results came at ESL One: Katowice 2015 with Keyd Stars when his team reached Quarter-finals. Later, fer won numerous big titles including two Valve Major titles at MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016 with Luminosity and ESL One: Cologne 2016 with SK Gaming.

He is one of the top 10 highest-earning players in the history of CS:GO as well as one of the best CS:GO players ever. Before StarSeries & i-League started, fer announced on his Twitter account that it was going to be his last event with guys from MiBR.

Truly, this was posted on the April 1st, but there was no sign that fer was really making a joke. He even confirmed what he said after losing to North. Nevertheless, his last Twitter post shows us that he was actually kidding. When we translate his last Twitter post, we see that he says that this was his last tournament with these guys before they travel to the next one at BLAST Pro Miami.

Fer even managed to fool some of the StarSeries commentators as they said that fer is really going to leave MiBR during one of the StarSeries streams. So, the Brazilian player actually made a pretty realistic April Fools Joke, which is indeed the point of it.

Cloud9 releases kioShiMa

As SPUNJ predicted, Cloud9 didn’t manage to cope with the best teams in the world at the first Major. After good results at ELEAGUE Invitational and Challengers Stage of IEM Katowice, Cloud9 failed to make a step further and reach the late stages of events.

There are even rumors floating around that Cloud9 may disband their CS:GO team because it’s not profitable anymore. However, that’s very unlikely to happen as Cloud9 has a huge fan base. Therefore, no matter how bad the results are, people in charge will try to find a way out. At this moment, they think that kioShiMa might be the problem.

Cloud9 CS:GO General Manager, Jonathan Tran thanked kioShiMa for everything he did in this short period:

“It has been a pleasure working with kio over the past few months. Although his time at Cloud9 has come to an end, I wish him all the best in the future. Thank you for everything kio!” (source:

KioShiMa pretty much said the same things about Cloud9. However, it seems like he had some difficulties with people in the organization. According to his Tweet posts, there was some kind of tension between kioShiMa and Cloud9 board.

This basically means that Cloud9 won’t be able to compete at next Major as the majority of the team who secured a place at Major is not part of Cloud9 anymore.

In the meantime, kioShiMa is practicing on Overpass

Now when kio is a free agent, he has more time to spend practicing and streaming. During his last stream, he succeeded in finding a brand new smoke on Overpass.

As you can see, kioShiMa managed to smoke sniper nest at B site from Bathrooms. On top of that, he did it after the first try.

We still don’t know what is going to be kioShiMa’s next move. However, many teams would like to sign former FaZe’s and Team EnVyUs’ player who won so many titles in his career.

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