Karrigan to EnVy, Summer and Attacker rejoin TYLOO [Transfer Update]

Image source: HLTV

Holidays don’t hinder teams from transferring players. Moreover, transfer activity significantly increased in both New Years Eve and the first day in New Year. Some of the best players like Summer, Attacker, karrigan, and bondik changed their clubs recently in order to achieve better results. 

Bondik substituted dimasick in Gambit

Gambit Esports cannot be proud of 2018’s overall performance. Their results were quite bad, especially towards to end of the year. The huge number of changes in 2018 didn’t change anything in Gambit’s gameplay. The latest victim of Russian’s bad run is dimasick. Former AVANGAR player played only two tournaments (both Qualifiers) and already got benched by Gambit. It explains a lot of things about the crisis in the Russian team. Changing players so frequently is not a characteristic of stable and good teams.

Vlаdуslаv “bondik” Nеchуроrchuk will be the one who is going to replace dimasick. Bondik signed 2 months trial, so it’s in his interest to have as best start of the year as possible. He is an experienced player and has won many titles in his former team, HellRaisers.

Esports-Counter-Strike-CSGO-Transfers-Competitive-Caming-League-ESL Hellraisers
Image source: twitter.com/gambitesports

It’s not bondik’s first time to play in Gambit’s kit considering he already had a chance to play in the Russian team. Namely, he stood in instead of dimasick because dimasick had problems with a visa before SuperNova Malta 2018. Gambit showed poor performance there, given that they lost both their games and ended the tournament in the Group Stage. The same thing occurred so many times in last year. Therefore, changes are logical, but making them so often is irrational. It is commonly known fact that you need continuity for results.

Anyhow, 2018 was a real disaster for Gambit, and in situations like that, you have to try everything to get back on track. Gambit finished as a 3rd-4th team six times this year, and that’s their best result in 2018. Gambit did well at DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 and ESL One: New York 2018, as well as at IEM XIII Shanghai and DreamHack Open events. However, they cannot be satisfied with just that. Gambit’s coach said nice words about these two players:

“He is experiencing discomfort, and it is difficult for him to alter his way of thinking, since his own style is based on individual play”

“We’d love for Dima to perform at his best, but he is currently unable to do it within our system. Unfortunately, we do not have an option to wait for him to undergo this transformation, whereas altering an entire system to suit his needs is suboptimal.” (source: https://www.hltv.org/news/25743/bondik-joins-gambit)


Summer and Attacker are back in TYLOO, DD and captainMo are out

TYLOO also cannot be fully pleased with 2018. They had a far better year than Gambit. Unlike Gambit, TLYOO has several trophies to remind them on 2018. The Chinese team was very successful at StarLadder & ImbaTV Invitational Chongqing 2018, XINHUA Electronic Sports Conference and Asian Development League Season 1. So, TLYOO won all their trophies at home. Besides these three titles, TYLOO squad can be happy about many other great achievements, considering they won numerous 2nd-4th places. It seems Chinese board thinks it’s a perfect time to make a couple of roster changes. 

Esports captainMo Tyloo CSGO Counter Strike Competitive Gaming Pro League ESL
Image source: PGL

DD and captainMo both have been playing for TYLOO since 9th September 2016. They faced current number 1, Astralis in Decider of StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 and lost 2-1. Surely, not the best way to begin playing for a new club. However, in the continuation of their era in TYLOO, they had very good results. Summer and Attacker also made a debut on 9th September in StarLadder event. Even though results were great, they left TYLOO and joined Flash Gaming where they didn’t have so much success. Now, they are on three-month loan in TYLOO. If they impress TYLOO Board, they may stay in the team. 

Karrigan has gone on loan to Team EnVyUs

FaZe benched Finn “karrigan” Andersen on the 16th of December in 2018 after BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018. Therefore, karrigan didn’t miss any event towards the end of the year. However, it’s not good at all for him to sit on the bench and wait for a chance. Hence, FaZe decided to leave karrigan to go on loan to Team EnVy. At the moment, Team EnVy is far from the very best CS:GO teams. They are the 42nd ranked team in the world. But, the US team has great tradition and rich history. There are many big and shiny trophies in their trophy cabinet to be proud of.


Furthermore, karrigan is an excellent and experienced player that played for many big names such as mousesports, Fnatic, TSM and Astralis. He is definitely able to help Team EnVy to repeat some of their biggest accomplishments in their history. Fans are very nostalgic about old and glorious Team Envy that was winning some of the biggest events during the season. This is a great opportunity to see Team EnVy in Top Tier once again.

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