JesperwOw Thinks x6tence is Going to Become a Farmer Team

Jesper Wecksell JW CSGO Counter Strike Esports Fnatic Player JesperwOw
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X6tence Galaxy is a recently founded esports CS:GO team which didn’t manage to qualify for the Premier yet. During one of JesperwOw’s streams, his fans asked for JW’s opinion about x6tence; whether they can become Top Tier team.

Jesper “JW” Wecksell is not only one of the best CS:GO players in the world, but also one of the most famous and followed Twitch streamers. If anyone has the credibility to talk about sensitive topics then it is surely JW. He has done so many things with Fnatic and fans really consider his opinion on a variety of topics. That’s why his viewers asked him whether x6tence Galaxy can be a top tier team. Apparently, JesperwOw didn’t want to insult anyone, so he went into deep thinking. Obviously, he was looking for a polite way to say his opinion.

Jesper Wecksell JW CSGO Counter Strike Esports Fnatic Player
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According to his belief, x6Tence is going to become a farmer team at one point. JesperwOw said it is very hard to be in the Top 10 teams nowadays. Simply, too many factors are in the game. Teams need to be financially supported, need to have luck on their side. Also, they need to have all components of the good team. Therefore, it is very likely that x6tence will be missing some of these elements and they will fall apart sooner than later. However, JesperwOw said he is hoping that x6tence will prove him wrong. But as he stated, that’s what happens to most teams like x6tence.

Here’s the Twitch clip of JW giving his option:

Is JesperwOw right?

It’s really a question is x6tence able to become one of the elite teams. Let’s take a look at what x6tence managed to achieve in the last several months.

X6tence cannot be particularly proud of some results as they didn’t manage to achieve anything significant (yet). However, they successfully qualified for DreamHack Open Winter 2018 on home soil. Besides qualifying for such an important event, they did pretty well in Jonkoping. They knocked Team LDLC and compLexity Gaming out of the tournament in the Group Stage which was a significant achievement for the newly formed esports team. But Bravado turned out to be a huge bite for x6tence considering they lost to a South African team. Alongside the great showing in DreamHack Open Winter 2018, the Swedes won 3rd-4th, and second place in three minors. However, they failed to qualify for IEM Katowice and ESEA Season 29: Global Challenge.

The Swedish squad is composed of several young talents and a couple of experienced players. None of them accomplished anything notable in their careers, but in JesperwOw’s opinion, x6tence squad has potential. The question is – will they realize their potential. Only time will tell the tale.

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