Is The Next IEM Major Moving To Sydney?

Is The Next IEM Major Moving To Sydney Esports

Intel Extreme Masters Sydney has just finished with Team Liquid winning the title. However, everyone will remember this event because of the great atmosphere and incredible crowd who want the next Major to move to Sydney. But, is the next Major really moving to Sydney? Let’s find out.

“Crazy” Aussie crowd

Usually, the crowd gets involved in the match only when they see some jaw-dropping plays. Otherwise, they are usually quiet, so the broadcast crew has to animate and entertain them. However, the Australian crowd at IEM Sydney was different. They were absolutely amazing. On some occasions, it looked like a soccer match was going on instead of CS:GO duels.

Apparently, people who came to Qudos Bank Arena wanted to have a good time regardless of what was happening in the game. We saw many crazy moments initiated by the crowd, and it still didn’t escalate into something inappropriate. You could see a fan proposing to his girlfriend, group of guys making pizza tower, and crowd singing different songs when nothing was happening and so on.

One of the things that crowd was chanting was: “Give us a Major“. Obviously, the Aussies like Esports, so they would like to host the next Major. However, it’s questionable if the next Major is moving to Sydney. Definitely, the crowd absolutely deserves to watch the best teams in the world again at the Major. But, there are also many other things to consider.


Tournament organization did a good job

Alongside the crowd, tournament organization was done very well. Casters did their part excellently like always and the Showmatch was fun to watch. The interaction between casters and the crowd was also great, although, on a few occasions, the domestic crowd was kind of rude to some particular caster crew members. However, they also showed their love for HenryG even though he was leading the UK team who faced the Australian team.

Before the match started, one of the members of the domestic team, DickStacy had an interesting appearance as he was completely covered by the Australian flag. Then, we saw HenryG trying to catch this “stage invader”. Of course, it was a part of the show.

Organizers also wanted to include the Australian trademark animals, kangaroo and koala. They made a funny sequence with kangaroo beating one of the casters.

Hence, it would be great if Valve decides to move the next Major to Sydney and let Aussies organize their first Major. Of course, it can happen only the next year as the second Major this year is going to take place in Berlin, Germany.

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