Interviewer Puts CS:GO Player In Awkward Position

Interviewer Puts CSGO Player In Awkward Position. Has to do Worm Dance

After one of Cloud9’s matches at ESL Katowice, CS:GO esports reporter Frankie Ward put Rush in an awkward position by asking him a question he didn’t expect.

Who is Frankie Ward @getfrank

Frankie Ward is a professional esports reporter. She has hosted many esports events including PUBG, Hearthstone and CS:GO. In 2018 she wont the Presenter of the Year at the UK Esports Awards. She started reporting back in 2015 for League of Legends World Championships.

One thing is for sure when Frankie starts interviewing players, is that she always asks interesting questions, or, when she sees fit likes to make her interviews a little interesting as we shall see below.

Interviewer Puts CS:GO Player In Awkward Position

Cloud9 just finished one of their matches at the ESL Katowice event. As the team was packing up the make room for the next teams, CS:GO esports reporter Frankie managed to pull Rush on the side.

As she finished asking some CS:GO questions to Rush, she added this.

“If Rush does win and go through to the top 8 with Cloud9 he’s also going to do the worm for us on stage”.

Frankie Ward @GetFrank Interview CSGO Worm Dance

The worm dance is a popular dance that almost everyone has seen once. It’s where someone moves in the shape of a worm on the ground, pushing their bodies forward following with their legs. When Frankie asked Rush that question, he was shocked and didn’t understand what was going on. Perhaps this was some sort of joke brought up by someone inside of cloud9. Rush responds back with,

“That’s news to me but we’ll see about that”.

It was a funny curve ball that Frankie shot at rush, and surprisingly enough Rush handled it well. what else will Frankie Ward come up with at the next ESL CS:GO event?

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