How To Play Pistol Rounds In CS:GO [Guide]

How To Play Pistol Rounds In CSGO [Guide]

The pistol round has always been one of the most important rounds in CS:GO. It has the power of changing the flow of the game. In this article, you can check out a few tips on how to play the pistol round in CS:GO.

The importance of pistol round

Back in the day, if a team lost the pistol round, they usually had to play eco in the following two rounds. It basically meant that the team who wins the pistol round has a big advantage from the very beginning. Given that Valve changed the economy of pistol rounds, the situation is not that catastrophic for teams who lose it anymore. Nevertheless, the pistol rounds still have a huge impact on the game.

A team who wins the pistol round will have a better buy and more chances to win the following round. It’s not unusual to see that team who clinches the first round of the half gains momentum and achieve a big early lead. It has a big influence on the confidence of players as well. That’s why you should know how to play the pistol round in CS:GO properly.

Tactics to use

There is a number of ways that you can spend those $800 that you get at the beginning of the game. But, one thing is for certain. You shouldn’t try to save those $800 whatsoever. That’s something that no good player does, so you shouldn’t either. Here are a couple of ways that you can spend those 800 bucks.

Fully equip one man

If you play with a team, you can decide to fully equip one man. This means that one guy has to sacrifice his kevlar and buy an upgraded pistol for that one player. The player who gets an upgraded pistol should buy the kevlar with his own money. This means that one player will be protected by the kevlar and, at the same time, he will have the potential to inflict a ton of damage by his pistol. This player will have a huge advantage in any duel. If you decide to go for this risky tactic, make sure that the best player on your team gets full equipment.

Have two players with utility

In matchmaking, players don’t buy utility in the pistol rounds very often. They prefer to buy kevlar and get some extra protection, which is completely fine. However, if you play with your team or with players that you know, ask two players to spend their money on utility. On the CT side, send these two players to different bombsites, so they can support the player with kevlar. On T side, make sure that you don’t waste utility and that you use it purposely.

You can buy different combinations of utility. You can have:

  • Smoke
  • Two flashbangs
  • HE grenade
  • Flashbang
  • Molotov
  • Two flashes and so on.

This is up to you and it depends on how do you want to use your utility.

Let the mid-man have a defuse kit

Buying a defuse kit in CS:GO pistol round is kind of gambling. You will maybe need it, and maybe not. But, it can make a difference in some close post-plant situations. If you decide to buy a defuse kit on the CT side, let the guy who is going to play close to both sites have it. If T side manages to plant the bomb on either site, he is going to be close. In the case that player with a kit he dies, you can always pick up the kit easily.

Things to avoid

Like in all other rounds, there are some things to avoid in pistol rounds as well. To begin with, you should avoid buying the Deagle in the CS:GO pistol round. Although it’s a good pistol, it’s rarely a clever choice to buy it in a pistol round for many reasons. To make a long story short, he is the most expensive pistol, and it will make no difference in pistol round. Considering that no player has a helmet, you can purchase much cheaper pistols and you will still be able to take down your opponents with a headshot.

Alongside the Deagle, there are other pistols that you just don’t should buy at all. You should never buy Dual Berettas and the Revolver, not even in other rounds. These two pistols proved to be pretty useless and no good player is using them.

Another thing to avoid is long range fights on T side. No matter what pistols you have, USP will always beat you in long range engagements. So, always keep that in your mind when you play on the T side and try to get as close to CTs as possible. Also, notice that all upgraded pistols have shorter accurate range than USP and Glock, except Deagle. So, if you decide to spend some money on upgrading your pistols, try to keep the short distance.

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