How To Perform A Ninja Defuse [CS:GO Tips And Tricks]

How To Perform Ninja Defuse [CSGO Tips And Tricks]
  • There are numerous ways to perform a ninja defuse in CS:GO, but each one is so satisfying. Here are some tips on how to defuse the bomb without engaging in a gunfight.

Don’t try this in every round

What makes a ninja defuse special is that it doesn’t happen very often. Therefore, when you see or perform a ninja defuse, it causes a feeling of satisfaction.

There are dozens of videos about ninja defuses in official matches, and some of them can make you have goosebumps. To name a few, everyone remembers Xyp9x‘s 1v5 clutch against North on Nuke when he got back to Lower Site through vents and managed to defuse the bomb just in time. There, he just proved to be a clutch master. Or, one of the best recent ninja defuses is definitely nitr0‘s clutch against MiBR on Overpass in BLAST Pro Series.

However, if it’s a great play, it doesn’t mean you should try it in every round. On the contrary, it fails most of the time, but we don’t notice these failed attempts. A ninja defuse is a very situational play, and you should know how to recognize the right time to try a ninja defuse instead of a regular retake or save.

Apparently, you shouldn’t try to perform a ninja defuse in rounds where you have a man advantage or a chance for a standard retake, although there are exceptions.

Sounds that suppress a defuse sound

Many times, you will stay in 1v1 post-plant situations. In those kinds of situations, it would be perfect for you if there was no defusing sound. If there wasn’t a defusing sound, Ts wouldn’t be able to hide and play mind games with you. They would have to constantly watch the bomb, which makes the situation easier for you. But, there are actual ways to suppress the sound of defusing the bomb.

One of the ways to suppress the sound is to throw the flashbang. When a flashbang explodes, it will completely suppress the sound of defusing and you will have a chance to start defusing the bomb without enemies knowing it. Also, if you are lucky, if they peeked you they will get flashed, which will give you some additional time for defusing. You can also use the HE grenade for the same purpose.

Another sound that suppresses the sound of defusing is scope. If you hold any weapon with the scope in your hands, you can use it to cover the sound of defusing. You can also use the scope as your advantage in case the opponents want to peek you. So, for example, if you have AWP, you can interrupt defusing and quickly snipe down an opponent that peeks.

How to position yourself in smoke?

One of the most famous ways to perform a ninja defuse is to simply throw the smoke to bomb and defuse it in the smoke. The upside is that opponents can’t see you, so it reduces their chances to hit you in smoke. But, if you want to perform ninja defuse in this way, you should position yourself in the smoke in the right way.

Ninja Defuse in Smoke CSGO


If there is any cover near the bomb, you just must use it. Also, you should always be aware of the direction from which your opponents can peek you. Make sure you crouched and turn your head to the ground as much as you can. Also, turn your back to your opponents. This way, you will additionally reduce their chances to hit you in the head, which would be fatal shot most of the time.

Be unpredictable and never defuse without a kit

Unpredictability is important for CS:GO in any aspect. Hence, it matters when it comes to ninja defusing as well. Sometimes, you will find yourself in position to fake defuse a couple of times in the same game. In those games, you must be unpredictable. If you see that your opponents are “non-believers” and they don’t peek when you fake defuse, then use it as your advantage. Next time, don’t fake, but stick to it to the end. They will regret their decision, and next time they will immediately peek you. So, you can punish them for that as well.

Another important thing regarding ninja defuse is to never try it without a kit. The only occasion when it’s okay to attempt ninja defuse without kit is when you somehow got far behind enemy lines who left the bomb in order to hunt you down. Otherwise, don’t even think about ninja defuse without a kit. It will take an eternity to defuse the bomb, and your opponents will have plenty of time to do whatever they want. Always make sure you have a kit with you before performing ninja defuse.

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