How To Defend Mirage B Site? [CS:GO Guide]

How To Defend Mirage B Site CSGO Guide
Source: Valve

Defending Mirage B site is a big problem for many players as they don’t know how to stop a bunch of players who are rushing into them. However, with proper setup, defending B site can turn into the easiest job in CS:GO. Read tips on how to defend the Mirage B site in this article.

Why is Mirage so popular

Mirage is one of the most played maps in CS:GO. Thanks to its very simple layout, it became the map that players like the most, alongside the legendary Dust 2. Moreover, it’s not the case only in matchmaking and in unofficial matches. According to HLTV Statistics, Mirage is the most played map in official CS:GO matches as well.

While it’s more than clear why non-professional players like Mirage (simple layout), the reason why professional players play Mirage so much is a little bit more complex. First of all, Mirage is a very well balanced map. If we look at the number of rounds won by CT and T side, it’s almost identical. Also, Mirage is very suitable for new teams as well as for teams who have strong individual players. Also, when it comes to vetoing, many teams feel comfortable with Mirage, so it’s rarely one of the banned maps.

Despite the fact that Mirage is very convenient for matchmaking games, players often have a problem with defending Mirage B site properly. Hence, we prepared a few tips on how to defend B site in the best possible way and what setups to use on CT side.

How many players do you need for Mirage B site defense?

There are different setups that you can use on the CT side on Mirage. Of course, the default setup for most teams is to have two players on A site, one player on Mid/Window and two players on B site. One player usually watches B Appartments and the other player holds Short and tries to help with Mid or B defense. This setup is completely fine, and with two players on B, you have the best chances to defend Mirage B site.

Regardless, if you are confident enough about your skills, you can even hold B site on your own. This means that the other play on the B site is free to do something else. He can try to push Mid or Underground, or he can simply help with A site defense if your team is struggling with defending that bombsite. So. there are many options and it’s up to you what you want to do. Here, we are going to cover both situations when you are defending the B site alone and with another player.

How to defend Mirage B site with two players

When there are two players on B site on Mirage, one player is usually supposed to play Short/Catwalk. He needs to get there as quickly as possible so if the opponent’s team decides to rush B, he can easily hear footsteps and provide his teammates with the necessary information, so they can act accordingly. When he hears the footsteps of multiple players, he should throw an incendiary grenade or deep smoke. In this way, the other player on the B site can always re-smoke or re-moly B Appartments as he saved utility.

The early Moly usually forces opponents to go through Underground, especially in low ranks where the players are inpatient. However, they can also just throw the smoke to extinguish the fire, so the other play has to be ready for that and throw his own Moly if necessary.

The other player can start the round more aggressively when he has one player to back him up. If he has an AUG or AWP, he can get to the top of the van and hold a very aggressive angle. Make sure that you are on the very edge of van, so if opponents push, you can easily slip off the van so the opponents can’t shoot you. If you are lucky enough, you can deliver a lot of damage to the opponent’s team from that position.

Mirage Sniping Down Corridor CSGO Esports
Source: Valve

Once when you slip off the van, use your remaining utility to postpone the attack of T side. Afterward, play a position on the Site and look at the open window. Until that point, Mid player can already come to B site to help you with defense.

How to defend Mirage B site with only one player

Although it sounds impossible for low-rank players, defending Mirage B site with only one player can be easy with decent Mid control. First of all, your primary goal is not to completely defend B site on your own but to postpone any attack and rush until your teammates don’t rotate. So, if you decide to defend B site on your own, remember that your goal should be to stay alive as long as possible.

When you defend B site alone, it’s recommended to use a rifle rather than AWP. Simply, you will have better chanced to hold the whole site against multiple T players. Also, you always need to keep an eye on Appartments. But, you shouldn’t stay on top of the van as we previously suggested as it could be very dangerous. Instead of that, you should keep “jump-peeking” Appartments so you can see your opponents and still remain the hard target for them to shoot you. You should jump from side to side with minimal exposure.

CSGO Mirage Molotov Tutorial
Source: Valve


When you notice T players, throw Molotov as quickly as possible and get back to the site or bench.  Just make sure that you are watching at least one window. Afterward, throw a deep smoke to additionally postpone the attack. However, be aware and keep in mind that T side can always push through smoke or moly. Hence, you always need to be prepared for a sudden rush. Also, one very important thing is to hold different angles every round so the opponents can get used to your position. It will make things harder for them.

On top of that, be sure that you haven’t called early rotates without any need. Always say how many enemies you can see. If there is only one, it can possibly be a fake attack.

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