How To Catch A Cheater: CS:GO Overwatch Cases Done Properly

How To Catch A Cheater CSGO Overwatch Cases Done Properly

Overwatch is a chance for players in CS:GO to get their revenge and contribute to “Vacbans”. However, because of their big desire to punish cheaters, they often make bad decisions and do the harm to legit players. In this article, you can read about how to do CS:GO Overwatch cases properly.

What is Overwatch and how you can be part of it?

Many gamers confuse Overwatch in CS:GO with Esports game Overwatch made by Blizzards Entertainment. However, these are two completely different things.

Overwatch in CS:GO is a system which allows players to review the games of suspicious players and make judgments about their legitimacy. This way, Valve is trying to get rid of cheaters that are ruining the game and experience of other legitimate players. It definitely has its upsides, but it also has its downsides. But more of that later on in the article.

Players who are involved in the CS:GO community usually knows about Overwatch and they know how it works. However, they are not sure how they can contribute to the community and how they can get these Overwatch cases.

Well, according to experiences of a number of players who get Overwatch cases, there are minimal requirements to get them. However, even if you met these requirements, it still doesn’t guarantee you Overwatch cases.

To begin with, you need to be a legitimate player, and your trust factor must be reasonably high. On top of that, you need to have at least 150 competitive wins and 350-400 hours in the game. Also, you need to be Gold Nova I or higher rank. Then you can expect to get your first Overwatch case, but Valve may decide they cannot trust you and you might not get one. However, if you get your first case, you need to know how to do CS:GO Overwatch cases properly, and this article will help you with that.

Presumption of innocence

When you get blatant cheater in your Overwatch case, it’s obvious what you should do. However, when the Suspect is just suspicious but not obvious cheater, you need to apply the basic rule of any Law system and that’s a presumption of innocence. It means that if you can’t prove that Suspect is cheating “beyond a reasonable doubt” (as the game suggests), he is innocent.

Of course, there is no strict line between being suspicious and cheating “beyond a reasonable doubt”, but if you can’t be sure what is true, leave the case and move on to the next one. If you “feel” that Suspect is cheating, it’s not enough. You need to be sure if it. Remember that you will do more harm if you “punish” a legitimate player than if you let cheater keep cheating in games.

Also, remember that it’s not expected of you to spend hours on one single case and trying to figure out if the suspect is cheating or not. If you can’t figure out if the suspect is cheating, it maybe means you are not experienced enough. Maybe some more experienced player, who knows how to do CS:GO Overwatch cases properly, will get the case and he will be able to tell the truth.

How to tell if Suspect is cheating or not?

Vision assistance

To tell that Suspect is using some kind of forbidden assistance, you need to have sufficient evidence. Therefore, one single kill through smoke or wall is not enough to accuse the suspect of cheating. Everyone gets lucky from time to time. But it’s not really about how many kills through smokes or walls he gets, but how he gets it.

When the suspect is cheating?

If the suspect is obviously tracking his opponent through smoke or wall, it likely means he is using Vision assistance, or perhaps Aim lock. But, one single example of such a situation is still not sufficient evidence. The Suspect must do the same thing a few times so you can be sure it’s not just a coincidence.

Also, the Suspect may just know angles and common spots where the opponents are hiding, so he frequently spams these spots. If he does it in almost every round, then he is most likely not a cheater. If he does it only when opponents are there, then it perhaps means he is indeed cheating.

CSGO Vision assistance Aim Bot Hacker Cheater


However, when it comes to Vision assistance it’s not only about kills and frags. It’s also about the way the suspect reacts to opponents movements. If he tracks them through walls, and if he often rotates before he gets any information, he is most likely cheating.

Additionally, if he always prefire the right corners but never checks other angles, he is definitely a cheater. But again, the one case is not enough to tell he is cheating beyond a reasonable doubt. It must happen a couple of times. You always need to keep that in mind if you want to do CS:GO Overwatch cases properly.

When the Suspect is not cheating?

If you feel that suspect is cheating, but you are not sure, check these things. Check if he genuinely checks angles and corners in every round. If he does, then it’s nothing unusual if he takes a few frags because he checked the right spot. Also, make sure you pay attention to tiny details. Sometimes, the POV of Suspect will show you he saw the gun or part of the body peeking out so he knew the enemy was there. You can easily confuse this with cheating, but that’s why you need to do CS:GO Overwatch cases properly and maximally seriously.

Also, pay attention to mini-map. Sometimes, the Suspect just gets good information from his teammates. It’s really bad that we can’t hear voice chat. But it is how it is, and that’s why you also need to focus on Suspects’ teammates and to see if they could provide him with needed information.

Furthermore, make sure you use headphones while reviewing the case as sound also can reveal opponents to the Suspect. If you have your sound off, you can easily be tricked into thinking that Suspect is cheating even though he is not.

Aim assistance

There is really nothing special to be said about whether the Suspect is using Aim assistance or not. You just need to have an eye for this, and you need to pay attention. However, remember that Overwatch cases are using very low tickrate (32), which makes Demos a little bit buggy. Hence, it often appears that Suspect is using Aim assistance, but it’s maybe just a bad quality of GOTV.

Of course, if Suspect has so high HS percentage (over 80, 85%) and so many kills, it’s a good indicator that he is using Aim assistance, but you must be sure of it.

CSGO hacker Aim assistance

The same thing applies to other external assistance. Sometimes, it will be obvious that Suspect is using other external assistance (Spinbot, Bunnyhops), but sometimes you will not be able to tell. However, cheaters are rarely using other external assistance without vision and aim assistance, so you need to primarily focus on these two.

These things can help you do CS:GO Overwatch cases properly

Even though doing Overwatch cases requires experience and certain levels of skills, you still improve your judging skills by doing some of the following things.

To begin with, you can review your own games where you performed well. Maybe this sounds silly, but it will help you to realize how easy it is to appear suspicious in Overwatch case. Sometimes, you will be amazed by the fact you still haven’t get banned because it looked like you perfectly knew where the opponents are. So, it can help you to avoid making bad decisions that will harm legitimate players.

Another thing that will help you to not make wrong decisions is to watch official pro matches. This will show you what legitimate players capable of. Maybe you are a low skilled player, so everything is suspicious to you. But if you watch a couple of official games, you will realize that good game sense can easily make players look like cheaters. So, you will not accuse other players of cheating so easily.

Finally, last but not least, you can watch other skilled and experienced players doing Overwatch cases. Here, you must make sure that you watch credible players because only they can improve your judging skills. If you watch low-skilled and unexperienced players doing Overwatch cases, you can easily repeat their mistakes. We recommend you to watch players like WarOwl and n0thing who have been playing Counter-Strike since the very beginning and they know how to approach Overwatch. That can help you to do CS:GO Overwatch cases properly.

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