How To Carry Your Team In CS:GO [Guide]

How To Carry Your Team In CSGO [CSGO Guide]
  • Given that CS:GO is a team game, it’s hard to win matches without good teammates in SoloQ Matchmaking. However, here you can check some tips on how to carry your team in CS:GO that can help you get better results.

Pick the right role and position (T-side)

Of course, if you want to carry your team in CS:GO, you need to be a very skillful player. Your aim has to be at a high level, and you must not lack good movement and game sense. Nevertheless, even with those skills, it’s not easy to win the game alone. But, there is something you can do to better your chances. To begin with, you need to pick the right role and position that allows your skills to manifest themselves.

It’s commonly known that T-side is kind of easier for carrying your team. Whereas on T-side you are the one who picks the site you want to attack, on CT-side you can only hope Ts will come to you and not to your bad teammates on the other site.

But, what’s the best role on T-side to carry your CS:GO team? Many would tell it’s entry fragger or AWPer, but it’s not really a case. As entry fragger, you will have a hard time to stay alive and most of the time you will die at the beginning of the round leaving your teammates on their own. This will happen regardless of your skill level because of the nature of the entry fragger role. On the other hand, as an AWPer, you can’t do much on T-side without good teammates to support you.

Instead, you should be the player who goes into the fight second to trade entry fragger’s death. This way, while your entry fragger is baiting CTs you will have enough time to spot every CT player and then take them down. Additionally, you will have much better chances of surviving the first gunfight. Another benefit of playing this role is that you have enough time to use the utility as well.

The first attack is the key point for T-half and after you survive it, you have the freedom to express your great skills.


As said, it’s much harder to carry your team on CT-side, because Ts can always go the bombsite defended by your teammates and not by you. A retake is an option, but it’s so hard to accomplish such a thing when you have bad teammates.

CT-side CSGO Bomb side


Therefore, on CT-side, you want to be equally close to both bombsites all the time. As a result, you can quickly help your teammates on the bombsite that is attacked by T-side. So, your goal is to play in areas of the map from where you can quickly go to one or another bombsite. On Nuke, you should play in the Outside area; on Mirage, Cache and Dust 2, you should stick to Mid; your goal on Overpass should be to take control over Connector; the best option on Inferno is to play on Long (Arch). When it comes to Train and Vertigo, the rotations on these two maps are relatively easy, so you will always be able to quickly switch to one or another bombsite.

Choose “easy” maps

Being a good player on each map is important if you have any ambition of becoming a top CS:GO player. However, if you play CS:GO only for fun and with random people in SoloQ Matchmaking, then you should rather choose “easy” maps to play. There are the only three maps of this kind. Those are Dust 2, Mirage, and Cache. They have very simple layouts and gunfights are very straight forward on these maps.

There are no so many angles to take care of, so they don’t require so much teamwork in low skill matches. Additionally, the best teams in the world in terms of individual skill (FaZe, Team Vitality, Team Liquid, G2) just love to play on these maps. They are the best chance for them to exploit their great individual skills.

Inferno, Overpass, Vertigo, Train, Nuke

On the other side, the remaining maps (Inferno, Overpass, Vertigo, Train, Nuke) require a lot of teamwork, and it’s so hard to carry your team in CS:GO on these maps. That’s why teams such as Astralis prefer to play on these maps.

Simply, if you want to carry your team on maps such as Overpass and Nuke, you will find yourself in positions to fight multiple players simultaneously which, of course, is just too hard to win.

In order you carry your team, you need to enforce as many 1v1 duels as possible, and that’s why you need to avoid these “hard” maps.

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