How To Become A Good AWPer In CS:GO

How To Become A Good AWPer In CSGO

An AWPer has been one of the most important roles in Counter-Strike. Although it’s fun, it’s not easy to be a good AWPer in CS:GO. In this article, you will find out some helpful tips on how to become a deadly sniper. 

What is the purpose of AWPer?

All roles in CS:GO are built around different tasks that players who play those roles have to fulfill. Hence, the In-Game Leader is the one who almost always make calls and decisions; entry fragger is the one who always goes in the battle first, and the lurker and support have their own tasks.

However, there is only one position in CS:GO that is built around the weapon, and that’s the AWPer. Given that AWP is so powerful, many players decided to dedicate most of their time to becoming a good AWPer and help their teams with this powerful weapon.

As mentioned, AWPers don’t have one particular task that they have to accomplish. Simply, their goal is to make the best out of AWP. So, they usually hold long-range angles and try to snipe down as many opponents as possible. But, it sounds much easier to do than it really is. There are so many things to take care of and we are going to cover some of those things in the rest of this article.

Be unpredictable

Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to AWPing, alongside having a good aim, is unpredictability. It’s fine to have positions and corners where you feel better. However, if you always hold the same angles and corners, your opponents will easily predict where you are, and then they can bombard you with utility.

Therefore, make sure that you often change positions so your opponents always feel uncomfortable when they need to peek certain angles. That way, you will do two useful things for your team. Firstly, you will get some easy frags, and secondly, the opponent team will have to spend more utility than usual, which will make a job for your team easier.

Cooperate with your team

It’s important to not neglect the importance of team cooperation when you are AWPing. First of all, as you are going to frequently change positions you need to emphasize at the start of every round where are you going, so your teammates can position themselves accordingly.

Also, remember that when you are an AWPer, you are vulnerable when it comes to short-range fights. Hence, you need to have one player who is going to be close to you and assist you if necessary. Sometimes, you will need that player to throw nades or to pick up your AWP if you die in the battle.

It’s not all about AWP

If you want to become a good AWPer, it’s not enough to master AWPing skills. You also need to learn how to play well enough with other weapons as well. The reason why is that so is very simple – you will not always be able to buy AWP. Considering that AWP is a very expensive weapon, sometimes there are going to be games when you didn’t have an opportunity to play with AWP at all.

Hence, you need to play decently with rifles, too. Additionally, you have to know how to use pistols. Don’t forget to buy the upgraded pistol at the beginning of the round. Sometimes, you will be forced to engage in close range combat and in those cases, the good pistol can make a difference. Also, don’t buy an AWP at any cost. Sometimes, it’s better to buy a rifle and utility than AWP only. Don’t be selfish and subordinate your game to the team so you can win most of the games.

Watch the best AWPers in CS:GO at the moment

Like in any other position, if you want to become a good AWPer, you should watch demos of the best AWPers in this game. At the moment, the two arguably best AWPers are s1mple from NaVi and dev1ce from Astralis.

best AWPers in CSGO at the moment S1mple
Source: HLTV

Although these two guys are excellent all-around players, they are the best when it comes to AWPing. However, their styles are very different and they have two different approaches to this role. While s1mple has been AWPer from the beginning of his career, dev1ce had to adjust to a new role when he became a part of Astralis as they needed a dedicated AWPer. As a result, the styles of these two players are so different.

On one side, s1mple plays so aggressively and he tries to peek dangerous angles. Moreover, he gets many good early frags, which gives a big advantage to his team. However, he can do this because he is the best player in the world and has so many valuable qualities and skills. That’s why you should prefer to play like dev1ce instead.

He plays more passively and rarely decides to get aggressive. Nevertheless, he still manages to have a big impact on the game with his great positioning and outstanding AWP skills. So, if you want to become a good AWPer, check out a few games from dev1ce.

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