Gla1ve Does Insane No-scope Kill. Dev1ce Gets an Impressive Ace.

Gla1ve Does Insane No-scope Kill. Dev1ce Gets an Impressive Ace.

On Day 2 of ESL Group D Qualifier, Astralis convincingly defeated HellRaisers on Dust 2 and Inferno. The second map featured some insane plays by Astralis players, gla1ve and dev1ce. Gla1ve did an incredible jumping no-scope kill, and dev1ce got an Ace to secure the first half. What how these pros did it below.

Domination of Astralis on Dust 2

After successfully overcoming ex-3DMAX in the first round, Astralis faced HellRaisers in the second round. The new HellRaisers squad picked Dust 2 and Astralis chose Inferno. Although game kicked off on HR’s pick, the Danish team humiliated ANGE1 and co. in the first half.

HellRaisers looked quite bad in the first half of the first leg. Each of their attempt ended up in failure. They managed to barely win a single round before switch sides. After the teams switched their sides, HR managed to save three map points and prolong the game a little bit. Nevertheless, Astralis secured Dust 2 and things moved to Inferno, Astralis’ second-best map.

Dev1ce got an Ace clutch to secure the half

Things didn’t look so well for Astralis at the beginning of the second map. They lost the opening four rounds, and the score was 6-2 before Danes stepped up. However, the eighth round was basically the last round HellRaisers won until the end of the match, with exception of just another round when they managed to save one map point. After being down 6-2, Astralis went on a 13 round winning streak.

In the last round of the first half, HellRaisers quickly gained an upper hand, but dev1ce managed to equalize Astralis’ chances. After faking B attack, dev1ce rotated back to the A bombsite and quickly remained the last man standing on Astralis side. He had to win 1v3 clutch in order to win the round. After eliminating the first opponent he planted the bomb literally in the last second.

Also, he had just three bullets left, and there were two opponents remaining. Regardless, dev1ce stepped up showing us his incredible precision. He tapped the last two opponents with AK securing the first half with a decent 9-6 advantage. When dev1ce got an Ace clutch, he proved that he completely deserved the second place on HLTV 2018 Top 20 players list.

Gla1ve Does Insane jumping no-scope kill while defending B site

Gla1ve took an incredible jumping no-scope kill with his AWP while he was holding B site. In the 21st round, HellRaisers quickly lost three players. Oskar tried to snipe down gla1ve in AWP duel but failed. So, gla1ve decided to throw smoke and delay the eventual B site take.

However, right after throwing smoke, gla1ve jumped over coffins and took jumping no-scope kill, which brought an easy 4v1 situation to Astralis. Later, nukkye from HR somehow eliminated three Danes and made things complicated. But Astralis eventually secured that round and match to record the second win at ESL Europe Qualifier.

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