Gla1ve and dev1ce Talk About CS 2 and CS:GO Smoke Bug

Gla1ve and dev1ce Astralis Talk About CS 2 and CSGO Smoke Bug
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Astralis players, Gla1ve and dev1ce talk about one of the most controversial topics these days. The CS:GO smoke bug. In addition to that, they give their thoughts on potential new Counter-Strike game and possible changes that Valve will implement in CS:GO.

The controversy around the CS:GO smoke bug

The CS:GO smoke bug has been one of the most controversial topics before the first Major event this year. Namely, the CS:GO smoke bug allows players to see the opponents players on the radar before smoke fully disappear. Valve fixed that bug, but the subject is still hot.

MiBR’s player TACO complained about an annoying bug in one of his Tweet posts. He expressed his anger because of so many CS:GO teams abusing that bug. TACO asked Valve when they plan to fix that bug. Fnatic’s AWPer JW, on contrary, accused TACO of being hypocritical.

JW said that the CS:GO smoke bug was always there, and that TACO’s teammates should have told him about that. Both players exchanged a few harsh words, and they split the CS:GO world into two sides. Therefore, ESL was interested in the opinion of two esports players from the best CS:GO esports team on this subject.

Gla1ve didn’t know there was a CS:GO smoke bug

One of the reasons why ESL particularly wants to know what esports Astralis’ players think about CS:GO smoke bug is that they started to exploit that bug as well. Gla1ve says that he didn’t actually notice there was a CS:GO bug before the DreamHack Masters Marseille. According to his words, he began exploiting it only in the late half of last year.

Astralis’ captain pointed out that he has been pretty honest with that, as whenever somebody asked him how he kills players through smoke, he explained to them how to use radar for that. Nevertheless, Gla1ve clearly states that he uses radar in just 20% occasions. Most of the times, he guesses where the other player is with help of pure game sense.

Dev1ce believes that CS:GO smoke bug was there since the beginning

Gla1ve’s teammate, dev1ce says that CS:GO smoke bug has been there from the beginning. However, it seems like Gla1ve doesn’t agree with dev1ce. Dev1ce explains that Valve changed a smoke so many times since CS:GO came out. He adds it was different at the beginning, as players could see sides of smokes. Dev1ce also thinks that there are few reasons why players didn’t use this bug before. He tells us that those situations are individual, and it’s hard to use radar always. Young Dane assumes that it just never occurred to anybody to actually exploit this bug before.

However, when CS:GO players realized they can utilize CS:GO smoke bug, they simply started to do so. Then, different opinions on the subject popped out, and pro players divided the CS:GO world. Dev1ce believes that bugs have been part of Counter-Strike forever and that players just accept them. One of the examples is CS:GO jump bug, which BIG used a lot. Eventually, they had to stop doing that. Anyhow, both Gla1ve and dev1ce agree that removing the CS:GO smoke bug was a good change.

Gla1ve says he is very happy that TACO pointed out this issue. Many people were wondering why pro players just didn’t suggest to Valve that they need to fix CS:GO smoke bug. According to Gla1ve’s explanation, pro players don’t have communication with Valve at all. That’s why they can’t affect the gameplay of CS:GO.

Astralis’ players don’t prefer big changes in CS:GO

ESL interviewer, Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett pointed out that many people think CS:GO is dated. Truly, about eight years passed since Valve released CS:GO, and no huge changes have happened. Excluding the most recent one, Danger Zone. CS:GO fans are always asking when we’ll get a new Counter-Strike. Is there going to be any big change?

Given that Astralis is the best CS:GO team at the moment, they don’t like the idea of some big changes. Dev1ce states Valve has always been giving more attention to Dota instead of Counter-Strike. No wonder, considering Dota is a much more profitable game. According to dev1ce’s words, it has good and bad sides. The bad side is definitely lack of game development. Counter-Strike has great potential, but Valve is apparently not ready to fully use it. Dev1ce is more concerned about the overall situation in the games. He thinks that players, organizers, casters, and others can do a much better job.

Both players, dev1ce and Gla1ve think that CS:GO will eventually get some tough competition. They share the same opinion about the possibility of new hardcore FPS game destroying CS:GO in terms of popularity. That would potentially force Valve to do something about CS:GO, to either make a completely new game or implement some big changes. If Valve doesn’t do anything about that, teams will eventually move to a new FPS game. That’s surely not what any CS:GO fan or pro player wants. Therefore, we can expect some big news from Valve rather soon than later.

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