GeT_RiGhT Talks About His Future In CS:GO

GeT_RiGhT Talks About His Future In CSGO

At ESL One Cologne, GeT_RiGhT is playing one of his last events in a NiP’s jersey. After the victory against Heroic, he was asked about his future in NiP and CS:GO. Here, you can read what GeT_RiGhT said about his future in CS:GO.

One of the last two events for GeT_RiGhT in NiP

At the same time when NiP signed Plopski, they announced another potential roster change in the future. They said they are having talks with GeT_RiGhT about his future in the legendary Swedish organization. Although nothing is certain, there is a big chance that ESL One Cologne 2019 is going to be the last event for GeT_RiGhT in NiP excluding the Major in Berlin.

This news really shocked NiP fans and CS:GO fans in general. Many people also talked about the possibility that GeT_RiGhT is going to retire after the the Major, which made many CS:GO fans very sad. However, in the last post-match interview that GeT_RiGhT gave at ESL One Cologne, he confirmed he is definitely not going to retire after the Major. According to his words, that’s the only thing he is sure of.

Additionally, he doesn’t know if he is really going to leave NiP or not. As he said, he will stay part of the esports team until after the Major. But, the rest is unknown ground for him. While GeT_RiGhT was talking about his future, he got very emotional, and the reporter from ESL One Cologne, stunna, gave him a friendly hug.

GeT_RiGhT about the match against Heroic and Plopski’s debut

The NiP legend was satisfied with the way his team played the game against Heroic. He stated that they knew it was going to be a tough game because Heroic has been in a good form recently, but Ninjas in Pyjamas did their homework and prepared very well for their encounter with Heroic.

Also, GeT_RiGhT said that securing a place in Play-offs and Lanxess Arena is something that he was looking forward to. No wonder, considering how passionate fans in Cologne are and how great the atmosphere they can make.

Stunna also asked GeT_RiGhT about NiP’s recent roster change, youngster Plopski. The captain of Ninjas in Pyjamas said only nice words about Plopski. He confirmed that Plopski is extremely talented. GeT_RiGhT added that he was very amazed when he actually played the game alongside Plopski. He said that it’s a completely different thing when you watch young players and when you actually play with them.

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