Fnatic Blames Monitors For 16-0 Loss [WESG 2018]

Fnatic Blames Monitors For 16-0 Loss WESG 2018 Esports
Image source: FNATIC

The shocking news is coming from Chongqing where WESG 2018 is held. Two big favorites for winning the title, MiBR and Fnatic dropped out of the tournament against Windigo and AGO. Swedes unexpectedly lost 16-0 on Inferno and their excuse was ridiculous. Fnatic blames monitors for 16-0 loss.

Fnatic blames monitors for 16-0 loss

Interestingly, Fnatic picked the first map, Inferno. However, they didn’t manage to win a single round on that map. It was quite a shocking result considering the big gap between the qualities of these two teams. Immediately after the loss, Fnatic changed all monitors making, blaming the monitors they had for their terrible performance. Can you imagine that such a strong team as Fnatic would blame monitors for 16-0 loss? The commentors couldn’t believe it also, as one said it was the first time he’s ever seen anything like this.

Moreoever, the Swedes still had a chance to come back in the match. Their performance on the second map was quite promising. Fnatic kicked off on Cache securing the first seven rounds. It looked like Fnatic cmight get revenge in the same manner. Nevertheless, AGO didn’t allow Fnatic to win Cache with a perfect score of 16-0. They broke Fnatic’s winning streak in the eight round. Later, the AGO won another five rounds. Therefore, the final score was 16-6 in Fnatic’s favor.

The final map was Nuke. The defending champions started off on Nuke in convincing manner as they claimed eight out of the first nine rounds. Twist from Fnatic had a great play in eighth round when he took down four AGO’s players on B site retake.

Fnatic won the first half 10-5, but it was insufficient for a complete comeback. On the contrary, AGO dominated in the second half on CT side conceding only two rounds. The Polish team shocked CS:GO community beating a defending champions. On their path to the Play-Off, they won second place in Group C. Then, they beat Team Ukraine (2-0), and Valiance (2-1).

As a result, AGO advanced to the Grand Final when they are going to face the winner from the match Windigo – G2. This is definitely their biggest success considering they secured at least $200,000.

Fnatic will confront the loser of that match in the battle for 3rd place.

FNATIC Monitor Broken Loss 16-0 Esports CSGO
MiBR is out

Fnatic losing to AGO wasn’t the only upset we witnessed at WESG 2018. Windigo Gaming also managed to eliminate one big teams in the Quarter-Finals. After defeating Furious Gaming 2-0, Windigo knocked out MiBR in the next round. The Bulgarians secured Dust 2 with score 16-8, but MiBR bounced back on Train with the same result. The map of the decision was Overpass and Windigo won it with ending scoreline 16-13 to book a meeting with G2 in the Semi-final.

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