FaZe Clan’s NiKo Doesn’t Have A Visa Yet. Likely Miss Next Game

FaZe Clan's NiKo Doesn't Have A Visa Yet. Likely Miss Next Game

FaZe’s In-game leader, NiKo didn’t get a visa yet and is very likely to miss the next game. This is bad news for both NiKo and FaZe Clan, and if he really misses the next game, it’s not going to be easy for FaZe to beat NRG.

Will NiKo play in Sydney at all?

Things are not looking so good for Nikola “NiKo” Kovac and his team, FaZe Clan. According to his last Twitter post, NiKo hasn’t gotten a visa yet. For those who don’t know, NiKo should compete with FaZe at IEM Sydney, but he had visa issues before the event. Hence, he didn’t start off the tournament against the Chiefs.

He and his teammate AdreN, who also has visa issues, were replaced by YNk and USTILO. AdreN confirmed that he got his visa yesterday, but NiKo hasn’t got his visa yet. Considering that the next game is kicking off tomorrow, it possibly means that NiKo is going to miss the next game against NRG.

Also, it is possible that NiKo won’t get his visa on time for IEM Sydney, especially if FaZe don’t manage to overcome NRG weakened. If that happens, it would be a real disaster for the European team.

FaZe managed to win without AdreN and NiKo

Despite missing In-game leader and AdreN, FaZe managed to overcome a domestic team, Chiefs, pretty smoothly. Actually, FaZe’s coach, Janko “YNk” Paunovic, and their second stand-in, Karlo “USTILO” Pivac, did a solid job in the initial match. Moreover, USTILO had the best rating in the game.

He finished the match with 24 frags and 2 assists. YNk also played well as he took 14 frags and had 7 assists. As said, FaZe Clan won the game in a dominant manner. The game was placed on Dust 2, the map where FaZe had decent success recently. They won the first half 10-5 on the CT side.

When teams switched sides, FaZe won all the rounds, winning the match with result 16-5. Their next opponent will be NRG who bested ViCi Gaming in another one-sided match. It definitely is not going to be an easy job for FaZe considering that they miss their best player.

The second match of Round 2 in Group B will feature a duel between Fnatic and MiBR who defeated Heroic and Grayhound. In Group A, few more matches have been played, so Team Liquid will face NiP to decide who is going to Semi-final. Also, two teams from Group A are already out. BOOT-dreamscape and eUnited lost to mousesports and MVP PK in Lower bracket.

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