FalleN Apologizes To CS:GO Player For MiBR Playing FPL

FalleN Apologizes To CSGO Player For MiBR Playing FPL

Although playing against professional players is a dream for many CS:GO players, tyfooncs didn’t like the fact he faced MiBR team on FPL. He complained about that on Twitter. So, MiBR’s captain, FalleN apologized to this CS:GO player for MiBR playing FPL as a team.

Why did tyfooncs complain about MiBR playing FPL?

As mentioned, many non-professional CS:GO players dream about facing Tier 1 teams on the server. It’s an opportunity to challenge the best players of the game and to show off some of your skills. However, it also means that your chances for winning that game are almost none. It wouldn’t be a problem if you play the game for fun. But, if you play the game to win, then you will just get frustrated as tyfooncs did.

The nature of FPL also has something to do with the frustration of tyfooncs. FPL is meant to be the league where high-skilled players can show off their skills and potential and eventually draw the attention of the CS:GO organizations. Also, these high-skilled players have an opportunity to earn some money through different prizes. Of course, it’s also the league where professional players play the games in mixed teams, independently of their original teams. Hence, players have a chance to get to know the players from other organization and to work on their individual game as well.

Accordingly, FPL is not meant to be the league where professional teams are practicing, although that’s something we can often see.

Tyfooncs thinks it’s not fair to have pro teams playing FPL

On his Twitter account tyfooncs said it’s not fair to play as an organized team against five random matched players. As he said, although it’s fun for MiBR to play FPL, it made him lose his first place on the ladder. Consequently, he had to work even harder to get back on top and earn prizes. Fer and FalleN apologized to semi-pro CS:GO player and fer even offered to send him the amount of money he lost. Tyfooncs politely rejected this offer and apologized back to fer and FalleN.

FalleN explained to him that they like to occasionally play these kinds of games for fun. But it never occurred to him that someone is playing it for different reasons. He also pointed out that this was a good chance for tyfooncs to test his game against the organized team.

Tyfooncs realized that he handled the situation badly and quickly changed the tone of the conversation. Nevertheless, he didn’t give up on his point. He kept saying it was unfair to face an organized team who was practicing in FPL.

Also, note that MiBR was practicing without coldzera. It means that all rumors about coldzera’s departure are indeed true.

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