ESL One Cologne 2019 Day 1: Liquid And NRG Secure Place In Play-Offs

ESL One Cologne 2019 Day 1 Liquid And NRG Secure Place In Play-Offs

The biggest CS:GO event since the Major in Katowice kicked off with 12 duels being played out on the first day. On Day 1 of ESL One Cologne 2019, Team Liquid and NRG secured a Play-off spot. Read more about all results in this article.

Group A – NRG cruised to Upper Bracket Final

In Group B, NRG Esports managed to reach the Upper Bracket Final pretty easily. They bested FURIA Esports in the first round in a very dominant fashion (16-7). S they booked a meeting with FaZe Clan who previously defeated Renegades in a very tight game (16-14).

The encounter between FaZe and NRG kicked off on Mirage. After a decent early lead for FaZe Clan (5-0), NRG bounced back and took control over the game. They won the half and eventually triumphed on the first map (16-11).

Things then moved to Overpass where NRG prevailed thanks to a better T-side. This time, the North Americans opened the game in a good way as they clinched the opening six rounds on T-side. It meant a lot to them as they just crushed FaZe Clan when teams switched sides (16-12). Thus, NRG proceeded to Upper Bracket Final and secured playing Play-Offs for the third time in a row at big events. Interestingly, apart from Major and DreamHack Masters Dallas, NRG always reached Semi-final of big events. So, it will be interesting to see if they can repeat that success.

On the other side of Bracket, Team Liquid successfully overcame MVP PK though in a close game (16-14). Their opponents in Round 2, NaVi also won the tough match in the first round. They bested mousesports after comeback. In the Semi-final, s1mple basically had the victory in his hands, but he dropped it due to bizarre mistake. So Liquid will meet NRG Esports in the Upper Bracket Final.

Renegades are out

The sad news is coming from Cologne for the Aussies. The best Australian CS:GO team, Renegades, finished their path in Cologne in failure. They lost both of their games and dropped out of the event. In the first round, they lost to FaZe and then dropped down to Lower Bracket. There, they met FURIA Esports who turned out to be too strong for AZR and co.

Firstly, FURIA beat Renegades on Nuke (16-9) and then defeated them on Mirage (16-12) as well. This way, FURIA ended Renegades’ run in Cologne. This is pretty bad for Aussies as they keep performing weakly after good results at the beginning of the year.

On the other side of Lower Bracket, mousesports edged out MVP PK without any problems. They dominated them on Vertigo (16-8) and Inferno (16-6) to book another meeting with FaZe Clan after EPL Finals.

Group B – ENCE, Vitality, and MiBR lost their opening games

On Day 1 of the ESL One Cologne 2019, three favorites for winning initial matches lost to underdogs. Although Ninjas in Pyjamas and Fnatic are legendary Top Tier teams, they were considered to be underdogs in duels against Team Vitality and MiBR.

MiBR’s new player, LUCAS1 made his debut in his new team. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t go well. The Brazilians faced Fnatic on their best map, Inferno, and lost the game in convincing fashion (16-11). Fnatic was dominant in the first half (12-3) and the comeback was a long shot for the Brazilians. Thus, the Swedes concluded the match pretty easily despite the great effort of MiBR to bounce back.

In another upset on Day 1 of ESL One Cologne 2019, NiP shocked Vitality on Dust 2. Vitality started the game very well as they won the first half with decent advantage (10-5). However, Vitality failed to win a single round on T side. All 11 rounds went to NiP’s side and it resulted in a victory for GeT_RiGhT and co. Unlike LUCAS1, NiP’s new player, Plopski had a successful debut.

The last surprise on ESL One Cologne 2019 Day 1 was Heroic beating ENCE. The one of two outside Top 15 teams managed to confidently beat ENCE on Mirage (16-10). BlameF played an incredible game as he reached 30 frags mark and had 114 ADR. Therefore, ENCE will meet Vitality in Lower Bracket, and we will lose one big name so early on at Cologne.

Astralis dominated BIG

The best Danish CS:GO team had a big obstacle to overcome in the first round. They encountered the German team, BIG on Overpass and it didn’t look like it was going to be an easy ride in the first three rounds. BIG managed to win the pistol and the following two rounds. So, they had a perfect start. Nevertheless, when Astralis got guns in their hands, BIG couldn’t stand a chance.

Astralis conceded only one round in the rest of the match. All the Danish players were performing very well and they concluded the match in a dominant manner with scoreline 16-4. This kind of “easy victories” is something that Astralis need to boost their confidence. In the next round, they will face Fnatic to play for the place in Play-offs.

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