ENCE Won the DreamHack Winter 2018

ENCE Esports Won the DreamHack Winter 2018! CSGO Counter Strike Global Offensive Tournament

ENCE won the DreamHack Winter 2018.

DreamHack Winter 2018 is officially over, as well as Bravado’s fairy-tale. Sadly for the South African team, they couldn’t win the first event outside their region. Bravado came all the way to the end, but they faced a very strong opponent. ENCE esports achieved crushing victory in the last round of the event, especially in the second game. There was a lot to be seen in this tournament.

We saw new G2 Esports members in action; we saw the fresh new x6tence Galaxy as well as Bravado reaching the final of the non-regional competition, for the first time in their history. Also, we had an opportunity to see the duel between two outsiders who came to this tournament through qualifications.

Bravado defeated x6tence in the Semi-final of the DreamHack Winter 2018. Let’s get through the whole tournament and see some interesting facts and stats.

ENCE Esports Champions DreamHack Winter 2018 CSGO Counter Strike Global Offensive Tournament
Image courtesy of DreamHack Twitter
CompLexity, LDLC, and OpTic couldn’t reach Play-Off

CompLexity was on the road to win another major this season. They started well beating x6tence in the first round, but they couldn’t repeat their performance against Heroic. They lost with score 16-10. Consequently, they had to face x6tence again, this time in Decider match. This time, the domestic team defeated NA squad in the best-of-3 match. The first game was set on Nuke map and obviously, that map was inconvenient for compLexity in DreamHack Winter, considering they lost against Heroic on the same map.

X6tence had the advantage mentally, so BARBARR led his team to victory recording the best performance in the game.

Here are some of the best plays in the tournament:


LDLC was also a victim of Nuke versus x6tence. French team first lost terribly to Heroic winning only 6 rounds. LDLC was out of the tournament after facing x6tence in an Elimination match. Swedish team beat LDLC in both legs with same (16-11) result. So Heroic and x6tence advanced further from Group A. LDLC and compLexity finished their paths in Group Stage.

It turned out that Group B was tougher. OpTic lost both Initial and Elimination match. At least, they can state that they played against finalists. First, the Danish team was a victim South African heroes, afterward, they lost to the future champion with final score 2-1.

 Lucky and JaCkz performed decently

G2 didn’t manage to get to Play-Off Stage. The French team has a pretty bad run and this can only affect their self-confidence badly. However, the positive side is that their new members played decent games. That means they can fit in the company very well. Also, G2 can be satisfied with the fact that they defeated the champion of the competition. Anyway, the lost to Bravado in Winners match and to ENCE in Decider. G2 is going to play in ESL Pro League Season 8 – Finals in two days, so if they decided to do something about their form it should better be good and soon.

Bravado just loving the Nuke, Heroic didn’t stand a chance vs ENCE Esports

One of the most interesting duels was between Bravado and x6tence in Semi-final. Both teams came to the tournament after winning qualifiers, and both teams were underdogs in the tournament. Also, both Bravado and x6tence are low ranked teams. So, it was interesting to see who will prevail in the match. X6tence was fighting for the second final in their history and first Major final. Bravado was trying to reach the first final outside their region.

So in some way, this match was writing the history. The first leg was played on Nuke. Bravado started very well winning eight rounds. Then, a domestic team won one round, but sadly for them, that was the half of round they won. The final score of the first leg was 16-2. ELUSIVE from Bravado played an extraordinary game. he had a score 23/2/4 and his performance was estimated at 1.89.

Players then moved on Inferno. Swedish team managed to resist the South African team and to enter the game in Overtime. However, vice-champion of the tournament won the second leg in Overtime and advanced to the Final. On another side of the bracket ENCE, eSports was dominating. It seems like ENCE enjoy playing in Bo3 matches, considering they won 3 out 3 on this tournament. Not only they won Semi-final match, but they were really dominant. They won with final score 2-0(16-7, 16-9)

Bravado’s fairy tale doesn’t really have a happy end

Bravado did a lot in this event, and they should be happy about it, but unfortunately, they couldn’t win the first non-regional Major title. ENCE was better in all aspects, in both individual and team game. They continued to play very well in Bo3 matches and they won the first big title after winning Star Series & i-League Premier back in October. The final result was 2-0(16-9, 16-5). In the second leg, they were leading 14-1, but Bravado managed to avoid disgraceful defeat.


The MVP of the tournament is 16-years old Jere “sergej” Salo. Aleksi “allu” Jalli, the ENCE captain, said that he sometimes feels like a father to young Jere. He also said that ENCE’s goal is to establish themselves as Top 10 team, but the long-term goal is to be Number 1 team in the World.

allu doesn’t like to talk much.


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