Most Embarrassing Esports Moment Caught on Tape [ASUS ROG Event]

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We all have moments in our lives that we would love to forget. However, Erik “WalterP” Eklov did something that will make you feel better whenever you remember something embarrassing from your past. To add insult to injury, he was caught by the cameraman. 

Who is WalterP?

Not many people know who WalterP is, as he hasn’t achieved anything notable in CS:GO (yet). In his younger days, he was spending most of his time playing different sports and playing video game. However, due to a serious injury, WalterP decided to dedicate the time spent playing sports to eSports instead. He has been playing CS:GO for three years, but as mentioned, he has yet to achieve anything in esports. Fortunately for him, he got the chance to play alongside one of the best CS:GO players ever at the ASUS ROG event.

Esports Pronax ASUS ROG WalterP CSGO Counter Strike Tournament Pro Gaming ESL League
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Namely, ASUS ROG is organizing an event at the beginning of 2019 called Join the Republic Challenge. The organization called eight pro players to be captains of a team. They would have to choose four teammates that will lead them to the Global Finals. Besides gameplay skills, players must have social skills as well. Since WalterP is from Swedeen, he played on the same team as pronax, a great and highly recognized CS:GO esports player. Alongside Team Sweden, there are teams from the US, Russia, Germany, Poland, Australia, France, and the UK.

WalterP, what are you doing?!

Pronax and his teammates played their first match against Team Poland. The captain of Team Poland is a well-known commentator by the name of Izak. The Swedes were convinced they were going to win the match, but obviously, they turned out to be wrong. However, even though they lost, CS:GO fans will remember this match not because of a good game and highlight reels, but because of something WalterP did after the game.

Most Embarrassing Esports Moment Caught on Tape

Team Poland defeated Team Sweden on Mirage 16-10. Unfortunately, WalterP had the worst rating in that match. But let’s move to his failure. After the loss, the players were sitting in front of their PCs and the camera was on WalterP. At a first glance, WalterP was was seen pulling out a notebook and reading something with his sunglasses. He was even changing pages as if he was trying to find a specific note he wrote in there. The funny moment came whenWalterP didn’t know there was a camera behind him recording his every move.


Biggest Fail in Esports Pronax ASUS ROG WalterP CSGO Counter Strike Tournament Pro Gaming
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Suddenly, the new camera angle showed WalterP holding an empty notebook, and the commentators couldn’t believe what they saw. It was quite an embarrassing moment and no one was quite sure what to make of it. Was WalterP just putting on a show? Was he just making a joke with one of his teammates? Did he really try to pass as a strategic thinker who was getting ready for the next match; hence the check note check?

Now ones sure, however, once WalterP realized that camera caught him, he did appear to be somewhat uncomfortable. Team pronax will play another game against Team fl0m as they both lost their opening matches.

If there’s ever a time you reminisce about an awkward or embarrassing moment, just remember what happened when WalterP read an empty book with the camera right on him.

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