ECS S7 Qualifiers: Astralis and Rogue Secured Spots at LAN Event

ECS S7 Qualifiers Astralis and Rogue Secured Spots at LAN Event CSGO
Image source: Ninja in Pajamas

The first ECS S7 Qualifiers Series ended. Two teams secured spots in the main draw of ECS Season 7 event. At the Europe Qualifier, Astralis defeated NiP 2-0 and Rogue triumphed in a close final against compLexity.

ECS S7 Qualifiers – Europe

In the first Semi-final of Europe Qualifier, AVANGAR performed better than expected. On both maps (Overpass, Inferno), they had a decent advantage (12-6, 11-8), but failed to finish the job.

The crucial round on Overpass was the 27th round when dupreeh took four frags on B site with the AK. The score was tied, and AVANGAR had a better position and more players. Nevertheless, dupreeh found two brilliant headshots to claim that very important round. Dupreeh and dev1ce led Astralis to two comebacks and the first ECS S7 Qualifiers final. The final result was 16-14, 16-13 in Astralis’ favor.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs FaZe Clan

In the other Semi-final, Ninjas in Pyjamas met FaZe Clan. NiKo and company started the match in a dominant manner on their pick, Inferno. NiKo and GuardiaN showed some great plays which resulted in a one-sided game. NiP won just two rounds on Inferno. The second leg took place on Train – NiP’s pick. After the first 10 rounds, FaZe had a big advantage (8-2), and the situation was pretty rough for NiP. Notice that players played with the new patch but with the old economy. Therefore, it was even harder for NiP to make a comeback.

NiP kept fighting and slowly shrank the big gap between the two teams. NiP won the 28th round and earned two map points. Accordingly, FaZe Clan had to take the game into Overtime, and they accomplished that hard task. Teams then split the first two rounds of Overtime. In the 33rd round, f0rest did a good job when he killed four Ts to hold bombsite A. That had a huge impact on the outcome as NiP won that leg with the scoreline 19-17.

On the last map, NiP was the dominant side losing just five rounds. REZ showed excellent performance with 22 kills and 7 assists. On the other side, olofmesiter was undoubtedly the worst player with just 5 kills and no assists. As a result, NiP booked a meeting with the team that defeated them in Quarters of IEM Katowice.

ECS S7 Qualifiers Europe Final – Astralis crushed NiP on Inferno

The first leg of ECS S7 Qualifiers Europe Final was placed on Train. Although Astralis came in a match as the front runner, NiP clinched the opening six rounds on Train. Astralis apparently didn’t feel so comfortable at the beginning, but they bounced back and won five rounds in a row. The result on half-time was 9-6 in NiP’s favor.

Nevertheless, Astralis demonstrated pure dominance on the CT side taking all remaining 10 rounds to set a score on 16-9. It was an insane performance on CT side by Astralis, and NiP couldn’t do much about it. However, things weren’t going any better for the Swedes on Inferno.

As expected, when NiP banned Nuke, Astralis picked their second best map, Inferno. F0rest and company managed to win a single round throughout the whole leg. They basically experienced the same thing as all other Astralis’ opponents on Inferno during IEM Katowice.

We could see how powerful Astralis was in the 13th round when Xyp9x and gla1ve brutally punished NiP’s attempt to rush B. Two grenades were sufficient to kill three NiP’s players. Viewers and commentators went insane when they saw what Astralis did. At that moment it was more than clear that the final is over. Indeed it was, and Astralis kept ruling the competition to secure the place in London where the main event will be held. In addition to that, Astralis earned $12,000, while NiP took $7,000 less.

ECS S7 Qualifiers – North America

The first Semi-final of North America Qualifier was pretty one-sided. After upsetting Team Liquid, Rogue continued performing at a high level. On their pick, Inferno, Rogue demolished Luminosity Gaming allowing them to win just three rounds.

Teams then moved to Train. Luminosity kicked off well, securing the opening three rounds. However, the Brazilians won just one more rounds up to the end of the match. Therefore, the final score was 16-3, 16-4 in Rogue’s favor.

In the other Semi-final, compLexity Gaming faced NRG. The match started on Nuke where compLexity won the first half-time (9-6). Although NRG was close to getting back in the match, they failed to do so. CompLexity secured the first map with score 16-11.

The next map was Mirage. After stanislaw and co. clinched the first seven rounds, NRG went on five rounds winning streak. However, that was all that NRG did on Mirage. CompLexity convincingly won the rest of rounds and booked the meeting with Rogue.

ECS S7 Qualifiers North America Final – Rogue won the title “in the last second”

CS:GO fans witnessed a really exciting and tight match between Rogue and compLexity. CompLexity managed to win their pick, Nuke, convincingly setting the final result on 16-11. CompLexity had the upper hand throughout the whole match. They always were the team with the advantage.

The second map was Overpass. The pressure was definitely on shoulders of Rogue considering that they had to win that map. Therefore, the fact that compLexity had a decent lead few times made Rogue fans feeling uncomfortable. The 21st round was the round when Rogue gained a momentum. They were riding on that momentum until the end of the second leg to secure Overpass.

Hence, the final entered in the final and decisive leg. Map of the decision was Inferno. Rogue kicked off on Inferno in a great way, winning the first leg with score 9-6. They won the second pistol round and it looked like they are going to get far ahead of compLexity. On the contrary, compLexity went on a 10 round winning streak to set a score on 14-10. In the 27th round, compLexity earned a championship point to win the ECS S7 Qualifiers North America.

ECS S7 Qualifiers CSGO Esports
Image source: HLTV

Nevertheless, Rogue didn’t throw the towel in and somehow managed to catch up compLexity and take the game to Overtime. A single Overtime wasn’t enough to get the winner, so we saw a double Overtime. In the last round, compLexity had a great chance to prolong the match even further. Rogue had a match point, but compLexity planted the bomb and had a 2vs1 advantage.

SicK from Rogue needed to win 1v2 clutch in order to secure match victory. He indeed succeeded in winning that clutch and taking the last round of the match to win ECS S7 Qualifiers in North America. Therefore, Rogue won $12,000 and joined Astralis at the LAN event.

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