Dr Disrespect Coaching Astralis to Trash Talk in This Hilarious Video

Dr Disrespect Coaching Astralis to Trash Talk in CSGO Video
Image source: Astralis

A hilarious video just surfaced of Dr Disrespect coaching Astralis, the number one CS:GO esports team on how to trash talk. Watch as hilarity ensues. 

FUNNY: Dr Disrespect Coaching Astralis to Trash Talk

What would happen if Dr Disrespect coached Astralis, one of the best CS:GO esports teams to trash talk? Well, we’ll soon find out. Astralis is a Danish based CS team. They are probably the best CS:GO team out there, dominating 2018 and creating new records. Winning the IEM Katowice just this week, Astralis is off to a good start in 2019. They have partnered with Turtle Beach and Dr Disrespect to make a new video where Dr Disrespect coaching Astralis to trash talk. Astralis Twitter page tweeted this 2 hours ago, “You heard the team was ill in Katowice – we had just the doctor they needed. See what happens when the most ruthless competitor in the game attempts to teach trash talk to the nicest guys on the planet“.

The video starts with Astralis team coach saying “Last year was amazing for Astralis, we dominated the whole Counter-Strike scene, there was one thing though that I think needs improvement for 2019 and that is our trash talking, I found a guy who I believe is very good at it.“.  The hilarious scene starts with Doc eating a hamburger and saying “Gentleman do we have an appointment?

The video continues about Doc teaching the Astralis team about how to smack talk. However, in the end, the team starts to collapse between themselves and players arguing while Doc is smiling to the cameras. You can watch the video from here.

This was certainly the most amazing collaboration video Turtle Beach has put out. Dr Disrespect being the amazing entertainer he is. Also, the team Astralis is playing their part to perfection in creating such a funny video. Of course, we have to congratulate Astralis over their last IEM Katowice victory which makes this video relevant in their pursuit to become better trash talkers.

Astralis Dr Disrespect Coach Video
Image source: Astralis
Astralis Learns to Trash Talk from Dr Disrespect
Source: Astralis
Dr Disrespect Astralis Coach New
Image source: Astralis

We are also wondering if Dr Disrespect will play some CS:GO with them. This would be something that has not been seen before. Dr Disrespect certainly has played CS:GO before, but it would be great to see him stream some matches with Astralis.

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