What’s The Distance Between XANTARES Face and His Screen?

XANTARES BIGCLANgg Face Screen CSGO Esports Counter Strike Player Pro
Image source: instagram.com/xantarescsgo/

The ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational 2019 kicked off, and teams have already played two matches. BIGCLANgg defeated compLexity 2-0, and Cloud9 beat FaZe Clan with the same result. However, this day will remind XANTARES of another awkward situation alongside BIGCLANgg’s win. 

ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational 2019

ELEAGUE Invitational 2019 is an offline event that takes a place in Atlanta from the 25th to 27th of January. Four teams are invited to the tournament to fight for the title and prize pool of $150,000. As you saw, invited teams are BIGCLANgg, Cloud9, FaZe Clan and compLexity. There is no Group Stage, so teams start playing in the Semi-final. Losers will meet each other in the Lower bracket, and winners are going to play for Grand final.

XANTARES BIGCLANgg CSGO Esports Counter Strike Gamer Pro
Image source: HLTV

In this case, Cloud9 is going to play against BIGCLANgg in Upper bracket final, and FaZe Clan is going to face compLexity. The winner of the match FaZe-compLexity will play versus the loser of the match Cloud9 – BIGCLANgg for Grand final.

Organizers distribute prize money exponentially. Therefore, the champion is going to earn $80,000; vice-champion $40,000; the third team will take $20,000, and the last team is going to take home remaining $10,000.

What can fit between XANTARES face and his screen?

Something weird happened during the first day of ELEAGUE Invitational. Namely, guys in commentators and analysts seats had to guess what is the distance between XANTARES face and his screen. Obviously, it was some kind of CS:GO challenge. Although it’s weird, it’s also very funny. One of the most annoying things that gamers can hear from their parents is to keep face far enough from the screen, otherwise they’ll become blind. According to their words, it’s not healthy for eyes. So, it was very interesting to see how far pro player keeps his head from the screen.

XANTARES BIGCLANgg CSGO Esports Counter Strike Player Pro
Image source: instagram.com/xantarescsgo/
Moses Skull, Average Brahma rooster, or Desert Eagle Mark 19?

To make the whole thing even more amusing, commentators needed to guess what actually can fit between XANTARES face and his screen. There were three options: Moses Skull, Average light Brahma rooster, and Desert Eagle Mark 19. Each of these things’ dimensions was expressed in the metrical system instead of imperial, even though the tournament is played in the USA.

However, all the guys from the studio were wrong, as no one picked Moses Skull, and that was the right answer. Moses Skull is 16.5 cm long, and it perfectly fits between XANTARES face and screen, given that there is 17.8 cm between his face and screen. On the other hand, the other two options were quite bigger than this, so they couldn’t fit there.

Guys in the studio then started looking for excuses because they didn’t know where the measuring started. They asked whether it is the distance between the nose and screen, or between face and screen. They clearly pointed out that it is important to know where measuring starts. Nevertheless, this was an interesting way to make CS:GO even more fun, and there definitely should be more challenges like this one.

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