Dennis Is Back to NiP Line-Up. Draken Is Benched [CS:GO]

Dennis Is Back to NiP Line-Up. Draken Is Benched [CSGO]
Source: dennis' Twitter account

One month ago, Dennis “dennis” Edman announced that he was taking a break from competitive CS:GO due to fatigue issues. After a successful recovery, dennis is back to NiP and draken is benched.

Fatigue issues due to an overwhelming schedule

NiP’s second AWPer, dennis, was complaining about fatigue issues after the first Major this year. Namely, an overwhelming schedule and long traveling distances caused problems for the Swedish player. Therefore, NiP had to find an appropriate substitute for dennis.  They signed a one-year long contract with their former player, draken.

There were even rumors that dennis’ issues were just an excuse for NiP to bench their second AWPer. As we could see, dennis had a pretty bad performance at IEM Katowice. He finished the tournament with 0.88 rating. Plus, he under-performed at numerous events at the end of the last season. According to the words of many CS:GO community members, NiP just needed an excuse to bench dennis.

No one actually thought that dennis was going to get back to NiP soon after he took a break on March 11th. Nevertheless, dennis is back to NiP now:

“A month of calm and relaxation, which was more than needed, is now over.
I’m so hyped about coming back and it was very hard to watch all the games from home, all I wanted to do was to get back on the server and pop some heads!” – Dennis Edman (source: NiP’s official website, link here)

NiP benched draken

As dennis got back to the game, NiP just had to bench draken. The Swedish AWPer didn’t manage to impress anyone in the past one month. He played decently, which was enough to substitute dennis, but it wasn’t enough to completely take his place in the team. During the last HLTV episode, SPUNJ made fun of draken.

He said that everyone was saying that dennis was temporarily out, but draken was hoping that he would really stay part of NiP line-up for the full year. According to SPUNJ’s words, draken’s performance was solid, but it wasn’t really impressive. So, there was no reason for draken to stay longer in NiP’s line-up. Anyway, he will keep getting his salary as NiP’s substitute. Ninjas in Pyjamas’ coach, Faruk Pita, thanked draken for standing-in in place of dennis:

“I’m very thankful that draken could step in on such a short notice. Since we didn’t know for how long Dennis was going to be away we assumed draken was going to at least play until the end of May.” (source: NiP’s official website)

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