Danish Prime Minister Visited Astralis’ Office. Promotes Esports.

Danish Prime Minister Visited Astralis At Their Office. Promotes Esports.

The best CS:GO team in the world had a special guest recently. According to what we can see on their Twitter account, the Danish Prime Minister visited Astralis at their office and tried out the famous FPS game.

A Good Position of Esports in Scandinavia

The fact that the Danish Prime Minister visited Astralis just proves that Scandinavian governments recognize the importance of Esports industry. As we can hear from many Scandinavian players, the educational system cares about students who want to practice Esports. Moreover, there are numerous schools which hire different Esports coaches.

Therefore, these young gamers have the support of their countries from the very beginning. Additionally, unlike in many other countries, Scandinavians don’t consider Esports to be a waste of time. Simply, they think that it is a job like any other. Hence, there is nothing wrong about dreaming about becoming a pro player in these countries. Of course, having one of the best esports teams in the world come from Denmark also helps this cause.

As a result, there is a number of elite professional teams from this part of the world. That’s why is important to respect other people choices and dreams. If you let them pursue what they deeply want, the results can be excellent. Countries from Northern Europe did exactly that, and that’s why there are eight Scandinavian CS:GO teams in Top 30 teams in the world.

What An Honor

Having support from the government is one thing, but being visited by high-level officials such as the Prime Minister is a whole other level. Although the Danish Prime Minister visited Astralis today, it wasn’t the first time that the best team in the world got recognition for their results. Astralis also was one of the nominees for B.T. Gold award.

It’s an award for the best Danish athletes and sportsmen in the year. Despite such a dominant season, Astralis couldn’t beat the famous Danish tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki. Nevertheless, it was a huge honor for Danes just to be in competition. Moreover, having Lars Løkke Rasmussen visit Astralis not only shows support from the government, but promotes esports through Danish and international media outlets. It’s definitely a good thing for the industry.

Astralis and Lars Løkke Rasmussen At Head Office Playing CSGO
Source: Astralis Twitter

Lars Løkke Rasmussen decided to visit Astralis and pay a tribute to them for representing their country in the best possible light. He sat in one of the gaming chairs to try out the popular Shooter game. The players from Astralis said that Lars Løkke Rasmussen wasn’t too bad for his Counter-Strike debut. It would be interesting to see which weapon the Prime Minister bought first.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen Playing Counter Strike With Astralis
Source: Astralis Twitter

Furthermore, he definitely had good teachers. There is no better team to teach you how to play CS:GO than the best team in the world, Astralis.

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